New Normal in Motorsports: Delivering Opportunities and Optimizing Costs

The coronavirus pandemic forces a rethinking of the activity to keep it alive.

As well as many other areas and industries, motor racing is suffering its greatest crisis in history due to the coronavirus. Being in Argentina the second sport for the largest number of public and participants, It is an activity that generates millionaire businesses and allows hundreds of thousands of families to make a living from it. This absolutely unprecedented situation forces us to rethink the formats, the concepts and how to go about getting the engines back on track when possible.

KartingOver time motorsport has become a very expensive discipline with a very high economic entry barrier that appears at an early age for those who aspire to be pilots. This leads to talent often being clouded by lack of money. In this way, only a few who, clearly, have talent, but surely have had financial support from very early, manage to transform themselves into professional pilots. In other words, many talented people are left on the road without being even discovered ...

Without a doubt, motorsport is the sport that presents the greatest and earliest economic barriers. In football, for example, a talented young man can prove himself in a first division club without having invested money and if he has the right qualities, he has the possibility of being selected and becoming a professional.

In motorsport, on the other hand, a child usually wants to get into a karting at 7/8 years, either for fun or to discover his passion. Here the economic barrier begins. Even so his family has the means and mechanical knowledge, to be able to run a karting race already requires a considerable investment of money and not to mention if you want to participate in an entire championship.

Faced with this reality we will be forced to shuffle and give again, to rethink the possibility of reducing the values ​​so that more people can "be part" of motorsport. Otherwise, the activity will have many difficulties to develop as it usually does with the crowds, number of pilots and families who manage to live thanks to the activity.

It is in these moments where you program like Motor Challenge, which provide the opportunity for all people equally to show their talent regardless of their economic condition, take on greater relevance and meaning to be able to rediscover those innate talents and give them that opportunity to prove themselves alongside the best and demonstrate their talent behind the wheel. .



Esteban Del Rio

CEO and founder of Motor Challenge, the most important pilot training program in Latin America. As participants move through the stages of the training program, they face greater challenges in each of the areas evaluated.

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