Oreca prepares a hybrid buggy for the Dakar

The French company, which in Argentina delivers its engines to the Super TC2000, hopes to make its vehicle debut in 2023.

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The decision of the Dakar Rally to bet on Electric and hybrid technologies for the future It has motivated a large number of projects that will be crystallized in the coming years. This is a challenge that has been accepted by so many manufacturers -Audi is the best example - as teams and trainers. Within this last group stands out Oreca, of French origin, who confirmed that he will develop a hybrid buggy what will be ready for 2023.

Oreca is one of the most respected companies in motorsports due to the successes of its developments in all kinds of disciplines, ranging from endurance racing to categories such as the Super TC2000 It uses its turbo engines.

Dakar OrecaThe French manufacturer is in the process of developing his vehicle, which would be ready to be tested in April next year. "Oreca has always set itself challenges, that is, to offer a competitive car with technologies that are in the making and to put these solutions in the hands of customers, whether they are semi-official, official or private", said Vincent Garreau, responsible for company projects.

The decision of the Dakar to encourage the use of alternative energy coincides with the objectives of the firm, which has opted for a system of conventional hybrid drive that will allow the vehicle to work with a combustion engine coupled with an electric one that will provide additional power and torque.

“It was essential for us to be part of this, to be part of the future. We want to give a short and medium term response to all these clients to participate in the Dakar ”, Garreau added.

Dakar OrecaFrench also participates in the project Philippe Gache, who has participated several times in the test. "The objective is to make a car competitive as current vehicles are 100% thermal, but consuming half the fuel ... Same performance, but half the emissions", remarked.

According to Oreca's estimates, the heat engine will deliver about 200 horses; while the electric will provide other 105 CV. This combined force of 305 CV will allow me to have 110 Nm of torque.

 "The main categories are hybrid: WEC is hybrid, WRC is hybrid, Formula 1 is hybrid and it was necessary to have a hybrid solution for the raid", Garreau concluded.

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