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Papercraft: A good hobby for ironmen

It consists of assembling three-dimensional figures with paper. We tell you how to do them.

One of the weaknesses of car fans is the mockups. Either on a good size scale (1: 8) or smaller (1:64), but on certain occasions this turns out to be a very expensive hobby. However, there are an option that is very economical and that it adapts perfectly to the situation that we have to live with the coronavirus, which forces us to be in quarantine in our homes. Is named papercraft and consists of assembling three-dimensional figures with paper.

Logically, to the touch they are not the same as the figures of DIECAST (molded metal), but at first sight its level of realism is astonishing. Like all art, this type of assembly involves its specific techniques and materials.


It is necessary to bear in mind that the paper is measured by its grammage. That is, by the grams it has per square meter. Thus, the classic A4 sheet used to print documents is usually 70 or 80 grams.

Papercraft hamilton
Replica of a Silver Arrow used by Lewis Hamilton.

In the case of the cars to be assembled, it is advisable to use a thicker paper, 120 grams up. For those who are dabbling in papercraft for the first time, a good option may be cardboard. As reference, specialists make their works with illustration paper, weighing between 150 and 250 grams.

With bookstores closed due to compulsory social confinement, a good option is print the designs on plain paper and stick them on some cardboard that is in the home.

With regards to glue, the variety of adhesives on the market in terms of prices is wide, but also in terms of results. A stick is cheaper than a contact adhesive, but the quality and finish is not the best. For its application and distribution in the parts that need to be glued, a small spatula or similar can be used, which also helps to remove the excess.


Alonso Papercraft
The collection of Gino Morillo Morales (@ GMM1702) dedicated to the sports campaign of Fernando Alonso

Now with the correct paper and glue (and the printer, of course) it is time to get to work. There are many web pages that allow freely download models of cars, so you can arm yourself from classic cars, such as a Citroën 3CV, even a very Ferrari de F1 figure.

In places like Papercraft square u Only Paper you can find cars of all types and segments. For F.1 lovers, for example, an inexhaustible source of designs is Stampa Papercraft. The offer continues in local and international blogs and forums, which provide general or specific car content.


Diego stasiuk, one of the artisans who daily publishes material of his paper works on the Facebook page "El Pucará - Modeling and Graphic Arts”, He gave these tips to the friends of Autocosm.

1) You have to be very patient.

2) If the model has instructions, they must be read and understood.

3) If any part does not fit, other materials can be used. For example, high impact black (matte black plastic sheet on one side and glossy black on the other) for the suspensions of the F.1 or PVC rods for the rear view mirrors.



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