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Fog is one of the toughest driving weather conditions, as it tests the driver's most sensitive senses (nearly 90% of the information a driver receives is entered by sight).

When one enters a fog bank, the senses and driving style are adapted to a certain environment; By varying - due to the weather condition - the driver continues to drive in the same way as before and it will take extra time for his visual perception to perceive dangers. In this sense, in case of fog, we suggest:

  • If you see two signs (inverted V on the road), the driving speed must not exceed 60 km / h and if only one sign is visible (inverted V on the road), the maximum speed must be 40 km / h.
  • Improve the display of your car for other drivers to see. To do so, before entering a fog bank, check that the position lights and low beams are on, which are mandatory in our country.
  • Slow down the vehicle before entering a fog bank to give the driver behind you the ability to slow down when they are still seeing you.
  • If your car has front and rear fog lights, use them. Do not use the high beams, as they can cause glare and a shortening of the visual field. Keep the windshield permanently clean.
  • Do not overtake other vehicles. Do not park on the shoulder as it is often used as an escape route in case of chain collisions.
  • If the fog is very thick, stop the vehicle in a safe place until more favorable driving conditions exist.

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