The 10 most iconic BMW grills

With its kidney shape it symbolizes the cars of the German brand more than any other element.

Throughout its history, bmw grills have played a fundamental role for the brand's vehicles, providing the necessary cooling for efficient operation, which, added to the design and with the integration of the double headlights that the German brand's vehicles have today, are the emblem front that distinguishes the brand and makes it unique in the industry.

Since 1933, most of its vehicles have had a kidney-shaped double front grill. This design has changed over time, and its functionality has adapted to be growing and smart, while remaining distinctive.

1) BMW 303 (1933)

BMW 303The BMW 303 It is a historic milestone for BMW as the first model with a six-cylinder engine. Furthermore, this design iniced the characteristic kidney-shaped double grill that after almost 90 years it is still a brand flagship.

2) BMW 503 (1956)

BMW 503This four-seater model gave way to a mid-height double grill, fully chromed. The smaller format was also possible because the radiator grille was no longer the only engine cooling component, but the model had double side ventilation. The models BMW 3200 CS of 1962 and BMW 2000 1965 CS continued to have grills of a similar shape.

3) BMW 507 (1956)

BMW 507El BMW 507 Roadster appeared the same year as the BMW 503, but with a much more advanced design. It was the first BMW with two large horizontal air intakes. Your Creator, Albrecht Graf von GoertzThis creative license was allowed in the design of the double grille, something that BMW designers would only do again on a couple of projects in the 90s. However, the very large vent on the BMW 507 was needed because it was the only source of fresh air for the V8 engine radiator under a particularly low hood.

4) BMW M1 (1978)

BMW M1The legendary sports car BMW M1 integrated flat ventilation inlets due to the height of the front, in addition, its grill is one of the smallest ever used on a BMW. They appeared to be "embedded" and separated from the secondary air intakes by the body itself, as well as being flanked by folding headlights. The dual grille design of the BMW M1 was replicated in the front end design of later classic models such as the BMW Serie 3 (E30), the BMW Z1 (1988) or the BMW Serie 8 (1989).

5) BMW 3 Series E36 (1990).

BMW 3 Series (E36)The arrival of the third generation of the BMW 3 Series featured the visibly rectangular dual grille with rounded corners, with a flat design, stretched out horizontally and the two halves of the vent assembly reappeared far apart. However, they were not separated from the headlights by other grills, they simply had a flat surface in the body color. This design influenced many models of the XNUMXs.

6) BMW i3 (2013)

BMW i3La double grill included in the BMW i3 It featured a flat and wide design, a closed surface and blue accents, identifying it as an innovative electric BMW vehicle. The aerodynamics of the BMW i3 benefit from the closed double grille, just like in the BMW i8.

7) BMW 8 SERIES and BMW Z4 (2018)

BMW Serie 8With the sportier models came the renewed double grill, made up of two wide horizontal pentagons and two narrow bars in the same color as the bodywork. Like other Coupé of the brand, its sportiness is reflected in the opening downwards, apparently closer to the asphalt. From a functional point of view, these grills serve as secondary air inlets with the function Air Flap Controlso it opens when needed and closes to reduce air resistance.

8) BMW X7 and BMW 7 SERIES (2019)

BMW X7For these models, the double grill showed a very striking and imposing appearance, and therefore, with much more presence. Its large size makes one glimpse that we are before the spearhead of the brand.

9) BMW 4 SERIES COUPÉ (2020)

BMW 4 Series CoupeIncorporates a double grill with a look of independence one of the other that has a large size and has been placed vertically with a slight inclination towards the front. Follow the legendary tradition of classics like the BMW 328 Coupe of the 1930s and the BMW 3.0 CS from the 1970s.

10) BMW iX (2021)

BMW iXIn the all-electric BMW iX kidney shaped double grill takes the form of a further development of the grille of the BMW i3, with a unique and striking break from the usual center bar. With the BMW iX, the grille that characterizes the brand will become not only an aesthetic component, but also a multifunctional and innovative technological component. Behind the closed surface of the grille, cameras, sensors and other technologies for assisted and automated driving are hard at work.



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