In spring, bring your motorcycle to life

Choosing a good lubricant reduces problems caused by severe use, withstands stress, and thus prolongs its life.

Spring is the ideal season of the year to enjoy travel by motorcycle. The extreme temperatures of winter are behind us and the scorching heat of summer is still several months away. Nevertheless, we must not neglect the attention that the engine needs, especially if a long time has passed without starting it.

Despite the favorable climate, traffic jams in the city and riding during peak hours, motorcycles have to withstand increasing engine temperatures. And even in normal or pleasant driving conditions, you can suffer stress, caused mainly by the excessive heat that goes through. In such circumstances, the motorcyclist will notice heavy riding and the engine will generate noise.

MotorcyclistMotorcycle stress causes lubricant thinning, due to the high shear stress, causing a reduction in the motorcycle's responsiveness. This tension stimulates the accumulation of deposits Due to the high temperatures which triggers the lower power of the motorcycle.

It is important to know that for a lubricant to comply with current requirements, it is not enough that it only certify quality in autarkic entities such as API (American Petroleum Institute) or SO YES (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization), in the latter case exclusively motorcycle lubricants.

In addition, it must be complemented with the environmental requirements of the different countries and must be fulfilled by the manufacturers. In this sense, a motorcycle lubricant must incorporate state-of-the-art technology and Petronas sprinta with technology UltraFlex, gives life to the motorcycle as if it were the first day of use.

From his modern laboratory located in Turin, Petronas Lubricants International development UltraFlex, a exclusive formula with more resistant molecules which increases the stability of the lubricant to withstand the detrimental effects of the demands of the motorcycle so that it continues to operate smoothly, quietly and at its maximum capacity. In this way reduces the problems caused by severe use, withstands stress and thus prolongs its useful life.

Petronas sprintaThe experience and quality of Petronas products are put to the test in the competitive and demanding world of the MotoGP. In each competition, the team Petronas Yamaha Sepag Racing Team (SRT) is exposed to dominate the motorcycle to more than 350 km/h and there is no margin for error. Success in MotoGP is decisive for testing the winning formula that Petronas has developed, as it is tested in a highly competitive environment and confirms that it helps to withstand the effort that the motorcycle undergoes, even in extremely demanding circumstances.

Petronas Sprinta has the most rigorous current certification as JASO MA2, in all its versions: synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. For its correct use, it is important to change the lubricant according to the times in the user manual and at least once every six months.



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