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An exclusive Peugeot Design Lab collection based on the Onyx

Twelve artists took part in the Peugeot Leo'z, taking as a reference the style of the French brand's concept.

The high engineering department of Peugeot , the Peugeot Design Lab, author of such impressive creations as yachts, airplanes, helicopters, trams or sports cars, he has turned to toys again.

This time with a collection of lion figures that have so marked thousands and thousands of collectors around the world since 2012. Twelve figures that consolidate the renewed and exclusive aesthetics of this edition of the Peugeot Leo'z, based on the famous designs Onyx from the Lab in carbon fiber and copper and created by twelve of the best graphic artists in the world.

An exclusive Peugeot Design Lab collection based on the OnyxEach specialist will use their own Onyx characteristics to create their specific figure, drawing inspiration from contemporary art, poetry, chemistry, street culture, architecture and fashion, among others.

Among the artists participating in this new collection is Christophe pialat, the forerunner of the first original Leo'z design. As well as others known worldwide as Damien Deberdt, Claire Panel, Guillaume Matissart, Flora Tai, Sandeep Bhambra, Hossein Borojeni, Razvan Berechet, Damien O'Hara, Hélène Veilleux y Mathieu Duvilliers.

Taking as a reference the Onyx supercar that was presented in 2015 as a concept car, it is the copper and black color that stands out the most in the first designs. Each figure has been bathed in resin to achieve a more distinguished, and even metallic, appearance that will make both the smallest of the family and collectors fall in love.



An exclusive Peugeot Design Lab collection based on the OnyxCurrently, there are more than 32.000 Artoys Leo´z collectors around the world, which endorses the success of some figures that saw the light for the first time in 2012 in a joint collaboration between the Peugeot Design Lab and the French company Artoyz which contemplated an edition of ten unique pieces that, initially, were only going to be exhibited at the Peugeot Avenue in Paris, but its success with the public was such that the first mass-produced edition of 2014 was immediately followed, only a year later, a second collection, as well as limited editions for events as important as Roland Garros or Dakar Rally.

With different styles of the Leo mascot in each figure, the original Pialat design has already become a classic that has evolved in the last two Leo'z collections: the third edition, with translucent, opaque, mineral or shiny aspects. according to the designer, and this exclusive Onyx edition, which captures the essence of the most futuristic projects of the Peugeot Design Lab and the power of carbon and copper.



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