Peugeot Instinct Concept or how to drive in freedom

Within the framework of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Peugeot presented an autonomous car prototype called the Peugeot Instinct Concept. Developed under the key idea of ​​“freedom”, the vehicle equips the Samsung Artik Cloud Internet of Things platform that allows it to be part of the user's cloud.

The car, which has a 300 hp plug-in hybrid engine (PHEV), records the data that the user wants to share with it, which comes from the phone or smart watch and home automation.

The Peugeot Instinct Concept includes four driving modes: two driving (Drive Boost and Drive Relax) and two autonomous (Autonomous Sharp and Autonomous Soft). In the Autonomous, the motorist can give an order or execute a maneuver from the i-Device, integrated in the center console.

With a simple gesture, for example, you can pass the vehicle in front or switch from Soft mode to Sharp mode. In Drive mode, the holographic instrument panel provides data related to driving: vehicle speed, distribution between the two energies of the PHEV traction chain or battery charge level, among others.

Peugeot Instinct Concept can be preconfigured or its architecture adapted to suit the needs and wishes of its user. Here, some examples ...

MONDAY, 7.45
We left home fifteen minutes earlier than usual to go to our 8.30am appointment. Taking into account the traffic and the weather, our calendar and the car's navigator have been synchronized and they propose to leave 15 minutes before to be able to arrive on time. Upon entering the car, the FOCAL Hi-Fi system broadcasts the song we were listening to in the living room. When starting the engine, the door of the house is closed.

MARTES, 21.00
After a sports session, we are exhausted. After receiving the relevant information from our smart watch, Peugeot Instinct Concept automatically goes into Autonomous Soft mode. In this way, we can rest during the return journey. When we are close to home, the exterior lighting system is activated to illuminate the parking space.

As we did little physical activity yesterday, the car encourages us to walk, parking a ten-minute walk from the office.

FRIDAY, 14.00
To get to our appointment, the car chooses a route on the highway and on a secondary road, with many curves. The first part of the journey will be done in Autonomous Sharp mode. Then, as the car knows that we like to enjoy dynamic driving, it automatically goes into Drive Boost mode as it merges onto the county road.

Regarding the design, Peugeot has emphasized that the proportions of this prototype are inspired "by the great tradition of the master body builders", while adding that the chiseled lines perfectly match the technique and the occupants.

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