Pirates of the asphalt: how they operate and how to avoid their thefts

In the last year robberies increased. The victims, for the most part, are the vehicles that move merchandise from online sales.

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The weakest point in the logistics chain is land transport and criminals benefit from it. Almost 95% of cargo transportation in the country is carried out by trucks and, during the pandemic, theft from fleets was on the rise, according to the Intercompany Truck Piracy Table.

This is related to the fact that, with the isolation restrictions, online sales rose more than 80% and with them the home deliveries, which resulted in a increase in robberies made to vehicles that transport merchandise from the sale made through e-commerce, whose loss in each theft is estimated to exceed one million pesos.

TruckThis insecurity represents a cost for the carrier and the company, and the risk of theft on the route has become a challenge for logistics and transport companies, which had to redouble their security measures to protect cargo and the integrity of their goods. workers.


The gangs that operate in this type of crime are not improvised and, in 99% of the cases, they have exact target information, a situation that allows them to steal the unit they are looking for.

Is professional crime gangs and organized in cells, where each one fulfills his role and, in many cases, they do not get to know each other among all the members of the cells.

ThiefUsually in the band is the organizer, who deals with the planning of the robbery, and is usually the one who has the contacts or to whom the data of the merchandise that is sought arrives. Then there are the Technical, who are the specialists in the technology part and the mechanic, who moves the truck in the event that the satellite protection has been activated. Finally, there are those who carry out the robbery on public roads, intercepting the unit.

The crime of piracy of the asphalt is a nomadic crimeThe gangs have their area of ​​action, but when they are persecuted by the police they often move to other jurisdictions or set up cells in other points.

The technology not only helps logistics companies or carriers to keep cargo safe, but also helps in the fight against the crime of asphalt piracy. Thanks to the information from the satellite tracking companies who usually carry out collaborative work with the security forces, they can trace the route taken by the damaged unit and thus be able to find places to unload the stolen goods.


Within the transportation industry, Fleet control is the first objective to achieve in the search for profitability and stability in a company, as well as to maximize profits and deliver the best service to customers.

Fleet control reduces the risks associated with investment in transport and improves the productivity and efficiency of a company's logistics, also complying with all legal regulations.

To prevent the company from having significant losses, it is essential that it has a service that protects it through satellite tracking systems that allow detecting the presence of suspicious activity, issuing alerts to the central base. One of the solutions offered Ituran es Ituran Fleet Tracking Plus, a service based on GPS technology that allows the rapid recovery of the vehicle, in case of robbery or theft, after calling the customer to Command and Control Center de Ituran Argentina, which operates with personalized attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Besides, the APP / WEB MultiUser and MultiPlatform Ituran allows the location of each vehicle in real time and visualizes the location of the fleet in general, with coverage throughout the country. Additionally, it offers the possibility of receiving speed and battery disconnection alerts, activation of GeoZones and access to the vehicle's journey history.

As an additional recommendation, it is suggested park in guarded areas since surveillance has a great deterrent effect against those who intend to rob a truck. In addition, making it difficult to access the merchandise through the lock from the inside with a bar and the use of padlocks, are some precautions to keep in mind as additional resources.

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