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Ideal for extreme off road conditions

Pirelli launches the tire in the Argentine market Scorpion All Terrain Plus. Aggressively looking, the new product is the ideal off-road evolution of its predecessor, the Scorpion ATR, which will remain in the range.

The new Scorpion All Terrain Plus was designed to match and exceed the performance of the best existing products in the off-road segment. This approach has led the Research & Development department to test and create a product with excellent off-road performance, traction on snow, high level of safety with regard to lateral hydroplaning and wear.

The drawing of the rotation band allows snow to collect underneath the tire tread to increase traction on packed snow, and as an end result, improve acceleration and braking. It also has the ability to expel small stones and gravel to maintain its maximum traction capacity.

The new All Terrain Plus technology also incorporates side blocks, which provide greater structural strength and protection in off-road use against cuts and abrasions, typical of the most demanding conditions of off-road trails.

The innovative tread pattern, in combination with the new compound containing a high percentage of silica and natural rubber, allows the tire to have a superior grip in wet and cold conditions. With this configuration, the new Scorpion All Terrain Plus guarantees great resistance to fatigue and wear both on and off-road, ensuring greater traction and lateral grip in all conditions.

“This tire is the ideal choice for drivers who are passionate about 'off road' and who are not willing to sacrifice performance on the road. It is specially designed for those drivers, owners of 4 × 4 SUVs and pick-up trucks, who use their vehicles both for recreation and for daily work life ”, comment Fabio Magliano, Car and Motorsport Product Manager for Pirelli for Latin America.

It is intended for those who need to drive their pick-up truck or their 4 × 4 SUV both on and off the road, feeling the sense of security that gives the best traction, with compensations for noise and comfort.

It is also the ideal tire for fleet owners of pick-up trucks, especially dedicated to tasks in the mining sector, since on their long journeys they must travel on roads and in sectors with demanding terrain conditions, in height and in many occasions with snow.



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