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Why is the lion the emblem of Peugeot?

Past Geneva Motor Show, Peugeot proudly presented a huge lion 12,5 meters long and 4,8 meters high, a masterpiece carried out by the pioneer Peugeot Design Lab But why a lion? Why has it accompanied all Peugeot products for three centuries, establishing itself as an exceptional witness of human industrial development?

Why is the lion the emblem of Peugeot?Peugeot is the oldest active automotive brand in the industry, with 160 years behind him. A long period in the history of industrial development in which the French house has always been present in many different ways: saws, tools, tractors, grinders, bicycles, motorcycles… and, of course, automobiles.

A unique variety of products, shared by very few current brands, in which a common element was always repeated: the lion logo. Since 1858When Emile peugeot, father of the future founder of the brand Armand Peugeot, registered the lion as a symbol of an emerging industrial company, this imperious animal has spearheaded every product coming out of the Peugeot factory.

By then, The saws were the star in the French house, famous for being resistant, flexible and fast in the cut, just like the teeth, spine and agility of this feline animalHence, Peugeot adopted this symbolism and registered it with the Imperial Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in France.

Why is the lion the emblem of Peugeot?Since then, The Peugeot logo has become a true reflection of the artistic currents of each historical moment, and witness to the events that have changed human identity during the XNUMXth, XNUMXth and XNUMXst centuries.

The first known lion is the one that appears perched on an arrow looking to the left, inviting a movement of the saw in that direction. It appears in 1872, and it is being implemented in other products of the brand such as grinders (1881), bicycles (1882) and motorcycles (1898). Curiously, the first car manufactured by Peugeot, the Serpollet-Peugeot (1889), did not have the lion on its front. It took until 1905 to see this circumstance, using the same logo of the lion on the arrow.

In 1923, the sculptors Marx and Baudichon took another step forward for the brand. Following the artistic patterns of the time, the lion would become three-dimensional and would function as a radiator cap for all Peugeot cars with two versions: the lion ready to jump, and the lion roaring.

Why is the lion the emblem of Peugeot?In the 30s, Peugeot adopted a more aristocratic aesthetic, common in all vehicles at that time, a symbol of industrial development as a differentiating element between social classes. The lion's head with open jaws crowned the grille of legendary models such as the Peugeot 301, 401 and 601.

The same emblem, but more stylized, would continue to be the normal pattern in the models of the 40s, highlighting the Peugeot 402, the car that would change the history of the house, and that received the popular name of "the rocket of Sochaux", city French where the first Peugeot factory was located for the almost exclusive manufacture of vehicles.

In 1948, the Peugeot logo adopted a heraldic style and, for the first time, it showed the lion resting on its two legs, recalling its current style. In addition, in models such as the Peugeot 203, the great-grandfather of the current 208, the emblem can be seen for the first time on the steering wheel, remaining until the 60s, when for safety reasons - it was too large and volatile - it became Modify.

Arrives Pininfarina, and with them the modern Peugeot 404, with a new logo of the lion more imposing and with the mane to the wind. It is a moment of cultural freedom in practically all of Europe, the “hippy” movement reigned, and the Peugeot inscription appears next to the lion in golden tones.

Why is the lion the emblem of Peugeot?

Already in 68, with the great saloon of the brand -the Peugeot 504- this spirited lion stopped being "corseted" in the characteristic setting that had accompanied him for decades. It was a period of more minimalist and refined lines, removing superfluous elements until leading to what has been known as the “wire lion”, a delineated figure that, since 1975, has led the front of models with which motor enthusiasts They have been growing, like the Peugeot 604, the 306 or, above all, the Peugeot 205, an icon of the 80s.

The following revisions of the Peugeot emblem, in 1998 and 2010, have rounded and cleaned the lines, creating shapes and textures with metallic reliefs giving the feeling of firmness and solidity, great paradigms of the French brand in its current models.

It appears on the hood of the same, although in the most current models such as the SUV 2008, 3008 or 5008 and in the advanced Peugeot 508 this tonic seems to have been forgotten by placing it again in the center of the grille, creating shapes next to the front grille , a full-fledged nod to two centuries of probably the most recognizable logo in the motoring world.



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