Why is it dangerous to carry loose objects in the car?

The weight of a loose object increases 30 to 60 times at just 50 km / h making it a projectile.

There are many risk situations that arise when driving a vehicle, one of them is the loose objects inside the passenger compartment, which become a danger against sudden braking or accidents.

For example, a lens case weighs 150 grams, but in the face of a collision at a speed of 50 km / h it can weigh more than 40 times being a projectile that can hit the head of the driver or any passenger of the vehicle, causing serious injuries. damage or accidents.

Family tripMany people spend more than half the day in the car and tend to have tools, clothing, shoes, and everyday items loose in different places in the vehicle, posing a permanent danger to all passengers.

One of the most common situations arises when it comes to assemble the luggage to travel. The vehicle is usually overloaded and, if the trunk space does not reach, the rear seats are used to place the remaining objects, something very dangerous in the case of heavy braking or collision, due to the amplifying effect of the weight produced by speed

The recommendation is carry these objects in the trunk as loose in the passenger compartment becomes a force that can cause serious injuries. To avoid accidents it is necessary to know what precautions to take and to be aware of safety inside and outside the vehicle.

Travel suitcasesIt should be borne in mind that in an accident there are four types of impacts that occur:

  • The first impact is that of the vehicle against the obstacle.
  • The second impact is that of our body (which wants to continue moving at the speed at which we were going) against the seat belt and the airbag.
  • The third impact, the most dangerous, is that of our organs against the skeleton.
  • The fourth impact usually occurs when loose things are carried in the vehicle.

“Before starting any journey, it is important to check and secure the load to avoid unnecessary accidents. Taking advantage of the space in the trunk and the storage spaces to properly place all the luggage is essential to have a quiet and safe trip ", Explain Cristian Fanciotti, CEO Latam of Ituran.


Travel suitcasesThe safest way to transport them is in a trunk, in the glove compartment, in bags behind the backrests of the front seats and in the recesses of the doors or the front or rear armrests. Carry the heaviest items in spaces that have a lid, such as the glove compartment or the chest between the seats.

  • It is preferable to leave the objects on the floor than on the seats.
  • Always hold heavy objects that are carried in the trunk. This is to prevent them from entering the cabin in the event of an accident.
  • Seat belts are designed to restrain the human body, not boxes or suitcases. Therefore, it is recommended to use ropes or ribbons to tie the objects in the back of the car.

This type of accident, due to loose objects, is more frequent than is believed, so it is not only suggested to take these recommendations into consideration, but also to have a service that covers you against eventualities, such as Ituran Emergency that provides assistance to the driver and passengers in the event of an accident 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through the dispatch of security and health forces (police, firefighters and ambulances), upon detection of a relevant crash or the customer's call to the company's Command and Control Center, which displaces specialized personnel to the area, in addition to providing the location service and quick recovery of the vehicle in case of theft or robbery.

Furthermore, its APP allows you to make direct emergency calls from your cell phone, the visualization of the location in real time and the place where the vehicle is parked, receive speed alerts, travel history, generate safe zones and receive alerts due to disconnection of the battery.



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