"By one blow we went from having the safest circuit in Latin America to the most insecure ..."

Leonardo Stella, the designer of the El Villicum racetrack, spoke with Automundo after the incident last Sunday during the TC Pick-Up competition.

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Indignant. This is how the architect noticed Leonardo stella during the talk he had with autoworld. And is not for less. The circuit he designed was in the eye of the storm after an unusual event during the race of the TC Pick Up Sunday when three trucks hit the wall of the last curve and exposed certain shortcomings in the aspect of security.

During the first lap of the race, he won Diego Ciantini and consecrated to John Paul Gianini as a champion, three trucks got confused in the last corner and went straight towards a wall protected with rubber.

Leonardo stella

Javier Jack y mario ferrando They were the first to reach the wall and scatter their tires; While Mauritius Jungle he hit the guard-rail squarely, no longer in the "containment." They were not violent impacts, but they were enough to expose the deficient security, at least in that sector.

"We went from having the safest circuit in Latin America to the most insecure just like that, with a single blow ...", says Stella on the other end of the phone, before explaining certain issues that only reveal the ineffectiveness of those who organize car races.

Stella, who is also a pilot, decided to do a demanding route thinking of a project that had the government of San Juan, bring to the IndyCar from the United States. Without this possibility, an attempt was made to have international activity at the hands of the WorldSBK, which has included the track on its calendar since 2018 (in 2020 the race was not done due to the coronavirus pandemic).

"It is not that it is a motodrome only for motorcycles, it was made for any category and specialty ... Many things are said that are not true, such as that TCs cannot bend ...", clarifies.

In order to welcome the best of the best, The Villicum has been approved by the International Motorcycle Federation and also by the International Automobile Federation, which was awarded by the 2 degree. It may even have been the scene of a date from World Endurance if not because the organizers of the tournament considered that the infrastructure of the city was not in accordance with the contest.

The Villicum"What happened was not due to an issue of FIA approvals, or because the circuit is bad, but because the categories here are mediocre and work that way", Stella explains, before diving into what happened last Sunday.

"That same day I asked Fernando Miori, from the ACTC, why they did not do the circuit as it should be and he replied that it was because if a car left they could not control them due to the large number of vehicles that the TC has ..."revealed.

Regarding the crash of the initial lap of the TC Pick-Up, he stated: “It's not that the tires blew because they were loose. They were buckled up properly, but in that area they are prepared to absorb an impact from a car that hits it at 70 degrees and not at 12 degrees as happened with trucks. That impact broke the straps… Perhaps they should have been more reinforced, even against the wall and the guard-rail ”, aim.

TC Pick Up“The day before, I had warned that some of this could happen because the trucks were passing near the wall… I saw the accident from the grandstand and I thought that one of the drivers was not going to get off. It was a lucky hit. I was all Monday inspecting the circuit and that area in particular and the guard-rail was a little dented from the impact ”, added Stella, who says that this sector is one of the most dangerous on the track.

“If it's already difficult doing it properly, imagine if you do it all from the outside. It is true that the circuit is very demanding, that it demands a lot from the drivers and also from the cars, but they are the rules of the game. It is just as difficult for everyone ”he insists.

Stella is clear that this situation has occurred due to the negligence of the authorities who allow vehicles to pass anywhere. In fact, in their eagerness to make fast those complicated curves the vehicles they travel through painted areas that have less grip than the track itself. "That's why they make the overpianos as wide as possible and that's crazy"says the architect, who clarifies extreme safety in the last corner is not too complicated and it can be solved quickly.

To prevent this situation from repeating in the future, you have a solution: place in several sectors larger pianos, reducers and the so-called "dissuasive bananas", which are elements that are placed in the escape routes to prevent them from being used as a clue. "All that is a job of only one week", Stella warns, he wants the circuit he designed to be remembered for being the most difficult in Latin America, but also the safest.

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  1. The truth is that the track is ugly, with almost no passing points and with many places to go on the outside of the track.
    It has no point of comparison with the Zonda.

  2. The circuit is a mess, it will be very nice for motorcycles but for horrible cars two trucks could not go at the same time. AND ALL BECAUSE OF POLITICS AND CORRUPT ACTC !!
    The tires went flying as in Balcarce We will see what lie they used to cover this.

  3. To those nostalgic for go to know that!
    They do not like the circuit, they prefer the one of July 9, which is the most obsolete there is.
    And another tells us that the problem is politics (sic).
    And the designer of the circuit tells us that the tires were well strapped (yes, of course!)
    How much confusion there is for us in the XNUMXst century to continue debating basic security issues

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