What was the first Peugeot range?

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Before the 1929 world crisis, the commercial strategy of Peugeot It was a single model and was supported in 201. But the search for a solution to a new economic and social paradigm gave rise to the first range in the history of the French brand.

What was Peugeot's first fame?
Peugeot 301 Eclipse.

Jean-Pierre Peugeot and his cousin François, commercial director, visited the Peugeot commercial network between October and November 1931 to seek possible solutions to the French depression. After this study, they decided to increase the product offer. On November 27, 1931, a new model was commissioned from the company's design studio and was released in June 1932.

This project was an evolution of the Peugeot 201: the engine went from 6 to 8 HP with four cylinders, the panels were widened to increase the habitability and the hood was lengthened. The resulting model became known as Peugeot 301 and it also meant the consolidation of modern nomenclature policy.

The results of this movement were positive, with a vehicle production in 1933 of 36.178 units, a figure that exceeded the records of the year 29. Encouraged by these numbers, Peugeot continued to give rise to new vehicles.

What was Peugeot's first fame?
Peugeot 401 Limousine.

In 1934 the Peugeot range doubled its strength. The Peugeot 201 and 301 joined the Peugeot 401 y 601, made in Sochaux. With these launches the modern concept of modular platform was also advanced, since they shared bodywork and running gear. The Peugeot 401 had a 1.720 cm3 four-cylinder engine and the Peugeot 601, a 2.148 cm3 in-line six-cylinder engine.

With these new features, Peugeot inaugurated the first range in its history consisting of four models with engines that ranged from 6 to 12 HP of power and with differentiated bodies: a structure designed to meet specific needs and with which Peugeot became a a generalist brand in the full sense.

What was Peugeot's first fame?
Peugeot 601.

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