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What should we check to have our car always ready?

With the start of the new year, one of the essential purposes should be to have the car always ready to avoid any setback. Beyond scrupulously respecting all the revisions and maintenance that the manufacturer marks, there are certain details that we must control periodically. Let's see…

Of vital importance, especially if the car "sleeps" on the street. It is necessary to check that the oil levels are correct so as not to make the cylinders work more than necessary, the antifreeze to keep the engine in optimum condition, the fluid for the windshield wipers to improve visibility and the brake fluid to avoid excess pressure when braking. If the latter is below that indicated, do not limit yourself to refilling it and take it to the workshop because it may be due to a leak or worn pads.

Always check that all the car's lights are working correctly, especially the brake lights, the position lights, the dipped beam lights, the long lights and the anti-fog lights. If you observe any malfunction, go to your trusted workshop and change it. Must see and be seen.

Check the anchors regularly and check not only that the belt fits correctly but that it works perfectly. Do not forget to change it before any break or tear and also, of course, if you have had to act in an accident.

It is advisable to monitor the pressure every 15 days. To know the pressure that the car should carry with or without a load, it is best to always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Also, check that there is no damage to the rubber and that the depth of the tread is at least 1,6 mm, although it is advisable never to go below 2 mm. It is essential for your safety and, in addition, it saves fuel.



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