What should I take into account before traveling with my car in summer?

Holidays are just around the corner, but before a trip it is necessary to take care to inspect the car in detail for your own safety and that of others.

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Going out on the road with the car is an experience that we must carry out responsibly, driving a car in good conditions, especially in summer. Engine overheating is a common problem and modern vehicles are increasingly affected as the engines are much smaller and that allows them to concentrate more heat.

Choosing a suitable lubricant It is very important not only for the immediate improvements that will be noticed while driving, but for extend engine life.  The most important quality of a lubricant is viscosity since it facilitates its sliding through the different parts of the engine, to prevent premature wear. To avoid unforeseen events and be prepared, Petronas Lubricants Argentina share the most important tips to take care of your car in summer.


This is a quiet problem since most drivers are unaware of this situation due to insufficient information on the car's dashboard. This is exacerbated when there is traffic congestion, on steep slopes, or when accelerating on highways, in addition to high ambient temperatures. Consequently, and over time, excessive heat can damage critical engine components and affect the car's performance.

Auto insuranceTo combat excess heat and have optimal performance, the Malaysian company created Petronas Syntium with ° CoolTech technologyTM It has stronger chains of molecules that allow it to effectively absorb and transfer excessive heat from critical parts inside the engine, for optimal performance and maintaining its structural integrity, creating a strong and stable lubricating film.


Whenever possible it is advisable to avoid sudden accelerations. At the same time, it is important to avoid traffic congestion that leads to successive starts and stops (stop-go), since it consumes more fuel, the engine overheats and the tires wear out very easily.

auto workshopThis type of driving will not kill your vehicle, but it will cause the engine, transmission and brake system to deteriorate much more quickly than expected.. Therefore, it is essential that the chosen lubricant is prepared to minimize wear at the time of each start and efficiently remove heat.


High temperatures also affect the good performance of the brakes, since it causes a increased wear on the pads. In this sense, the mechanic will be the person who must determine if it is necessary to change them. A review in the workshop before making any trip will allow you to verify that these and many other elements are suitable to travel as far as you want.


When the outside temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the evaporation level of the refrigerant is higher. That is why you have to be vigilant and check the levels of all vehicle fluids more often so that none of its components overheat.

Petronas Syntium-Paraflu (1)At the same time, it is important to check that the radiator is clean since it is responsible for preventing the outer grill located at the front of the vehicle from heating up, and it may be obstructed by leaves or plastics. The cleaner the better it will do its job.

To make the refrigeration system work properly, Petronas developed the refrigerant line Petronas Paraflu, which keeps the circuit clean and free of encrustations, also protecting against cavitation. Petronas Paraflú is concentrated, so it must be mixed 50% with demineralized water. It is very important not to combine organic and inorganic refrigerants.


Heat in the car is an enemy of safety, since with an outside temperature of 35ºC and above, our reaction time increases by 20%. The same cleaning criteria as mentioned above applies to the air conditioning radiator, it must be kept free of leaves and other obstructions.

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