Max Verstappen was penalized for the incident with Lewis Hamilton

The FIA ​​gave him a 10-second penalty, although that did not change his final position.

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El Saudi Arabian Grand Prix de F1 it was a real nightmare for the dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who received a series of penalties because of the way he tried to keep me from getting fluent in English Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

The first of the sanctions, of five seconds, he perceived it after leaving the track and thus preventing the British from exceeding him. When they also ordered him to return the position, slowed down sharply in front of Hamilton, who couldn't help but hit him.

Fortunately for the Briton, his car was not damaged by the onslaught and he was able to complete the competition without problems. Thus he achieved his third consecutive triumph, which allows him to tie with Verstappen for first place in the tournament.

Lewis Hamilton and Max VerstappenAfter the competition, the sports commissioners called both drivers to testify. The authorities determined the responsibility of Verstappen, who received other 10 second bonus for causing the collision.

Red Bull told Verstappen to give Hamilton back the lead "strategically" before the last corner to make sure you have DRS on the main straight, giving him a chance to regain the spot.

The stewards said that Verstappen "Significantly slowed down turn 26", but what was "Obviously none of the drivers wanted to take the lead before DRS detection line 3."

To punish the Dutchman, authorities took into account the 2.4g deceleration of Verstappen's car. They considered her "Erratic and therefore the predominant cause of the collision". Despite the sanction, the standings were unchanged and Verstappen retained second place.


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