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What is the Magic Button that complicated Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan GP?

The switch serves to warm up the brakes optimally, but the Englishman did not use it correctly.

The chaotic end of Azerbaijan Grand Prix de F1, which was held by the Mexican Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), had its most intense moment in the second start that was made only for complete a race lap after the Red flag that appeared by the Dutch abandonment Max Verstappen (Red Bull) after the breakage of the left rear tire. There the Aztec remained at the head of the squad after taking advantage of the English pass by Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who started second. But what happened to the champion?

Lewis Hamilton
The second start with Pérez and Hamilton in the front row.

“There is a button that helps us keep the front brakes warm, and when Pérez stopped to turn, I reacted and accidentally flipped the switch. The wheels blocked and I kept going "explained Hamilton, who ended 15 ° and for that reason the great possibility of recovering the first place of the tournament that remains in the hands of Verstappen was lost.

The switch in question is called Magic Button It is used for balance the brakes. When he turned it on again, the braking power went to the front end and the Black Arrow could not make the first corner correctly. "It was a finger problem", summarized Toto wolff, head of the German team, to Sky Sports.

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton missed the first corner by his own mistake.

The Magic Button is on the steering wheel of the car and is used to achieve optimal brake temperature by altering the hybrid regeneration and its bias settings.

As an instruction on the steering wheel indicates, it is essential to turn off this switch just before starts. The multiple champion deactivated it, but pressed again just after the start, causing him to go long at Turn 1. Without a doubt, a mistake that could cost him dearly at the end of the year ...



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