What is known about the new Formula 1 engines?

The new regulation, which would take effect in 2025 or 2026, would be based on current power units.

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In the F1 are already working on another major technical change for the future: that of the engines. The goal is to find a low cost motorization, use a cutting-edge technology and at the same time, be as ecological as possible.

Everything to conform to the International Automobile Federation (FIA), to the current automakers involved in the World Cup, that is, Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari y Red Bull (it will prepare its impellers on the basis of the Honda); and for those who are interested in joining the specialty, such as Audi y Porsche.

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Changing the power units is an important step, but it would not be as radical as when the power units were discontinued. 8-liter V2.4 in 2013 to use from 2014 the 6-liter turbo-hybrid V1.6. In fact, there is the alternative of keeping this engine with substantial modifications.

The first step would be in 2025 and it would be use non-fossil fuel and 100% sustainable, mixing synthetic and biodegradable elements, as they will begin to use other tournaments controlled directly by the FIA.

While for 2026 you could do without the MGU-H, element of the power unit that is responsible for generating electrical energy from exhaust gases. To compensate for his absence, a higher power of the MGU-K, which converts the kinetic energy generated during braking into electricity.

On the other hand, Audi and Porsche made a proposal at the meeting that all those involved held on July 3 within the framework of the Austrian Grand Prix: an electric motor that acts on the front axle to convert the F.1 into all-wheel drive vehicles. That is, they want to use the technology they already know from their time at the Wec.

It is unknown what date limit The parties were put together to define the issue of the engines, although it is clear in this first stage of the conversations that there are several ideas.

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