What do the lights on the dashboard of your car mean?

They alert about the operation of a system, its status and its needs.

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Your car can give you several clues about the health of its components. Dashboard lights alert you to a system malfunction, your status and your needs. As owner You have to know what each of these elements means in order to make decisions, give it maintenance and avoid future problems.

The color of the dash lights communicates in what state the vehicle is: if the icons light up with green or blue light it means that the car and its different systems are working correctly; when they light up with a yellow light, the owner of the vehicle has to check it and exercise caution.

Dashboard lightsFinally, when the board turns on with Red lights It is essential that you take the car to the mechanic. This color reveals that the vehicle has serious problems that must be solved as soon as possible. The number of lights or indicators on the dash depends on its features and your model.

If the dashboard of your car lights up in red, you have to stop the march immediately and check what is happening. Continuing to advance in these conditions can generate a serious breakdown, in addition to endangering your safety and that of other passengers.

There are more than 60 different indicators on the dashboard of a vehicle. There are some of these signals that can be read intuitively, while others are a bit more abstract and complicated to understand. Here are the most common indicators and what they mean:

Dashboard lightsMOTOR FAILURE. This is an automatic indicator that is part of the on-board diagnostic system, which alerts you to any failure in the engine or in one of its systems. When it blinks intermittently, it suggests a serious fault. It is recommended that you take your car in as soon as possible to have it checked by a specialist, as an electronic scan is needed to determine the fault.

BATTERY IN RED. This happens when the battery voltage level is below normal. This may mean that the battery is almost flat or there is a problem with the charging system. This could be due to a loose or corroded battery cable, a problem with the alternator or voltage regulator, or there is faulty wiring in the car's electrical charging system. In many cases it has to be replaced.

ENGINE OIL. This red light on your vehicle's dash comes on when the engine suffers a pressure drop from the oil. If the engine does not have the necessary pressure and lubrication, the metals within it will be damaged by friction. In this case, the car can come to a complete stop. This light comes on due to low oil level or poor oil pump or sensor.

Dashboard lightsTEMPERATURE ALERT. There is an icon on your dashboard that represents a thermometer, which alerts you to possible antifreeze-related malfunctions. The indicator comes on due to engine temperature problems, caused by a failure in the cooling system. These can be caused by low coolant levels, or by excessive leakage and wear due to lack of preventive maintenance.

AIRBAGS. In the event that the icon referring to the airbags lights up on the dashboard and does not turn off automatically, you must contact a mechanic, as the airbags could present a fault or breakdown and not deploy in case of that there was a collision, thus putting your safety and that of the passengers at risk.

SEAT BELT. This is a common indicator on the board, which you should not neglect. If you or your companions did not fasten the seat belt when starting the car, this alert will be activated immediately and will not disappear until when they adjust their seat belts. This alert is designed to safeguard your safety and that of your companions.

ABS SYSTEM. One of the most common lights on dashboards is the ABS (Antilock Brake System). This indicator turns on so you can prevent skidding and possible accidents that may result from emergency braking or even during the rain. If this light comes on, it is necessary to take your vehicle to the mechanic, since it could be a risk to drive it in those conditions.

There are more indicators that can appear on your board. It is important that you read the user manual so that you recognize what each of these icons alerts, what the level of risk is and what your options are.

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