Racing Point copied Mercedes… So what?

The Racing Point RP20 that the team will use this year in Formula 1 has many pieces copied from the Mercedes W10 with which Lewis Hamilton was champion in 2019.

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The championship of F1 de 2020 it has not started yet and controversies have already erupted ... The first of the season featured the team Racing Point whose car, baptized as RP20, has too many similarities with the Mercedes W10 what allowed the english Lewis Hamilton get his sixth title in the Máxima in 2019. The resemblance between these two models is such that in the paddock they christened him "The pink Mercedes". And this is his story ...

Sergio Pérez on Racing Point RP20.

By regulation, each team must fully build its own vehicle without the collaboration of a rival team. Although they can agree to share certain pieces. These cooperations exist at different levels.

AlphaTauri, new denomination of Toro Rosso, inherits from Red Bull the entire rear of the car; Haas uses power units Ferrari and other pieces of the Scuderia that are later developed by Dallara.

While Racing Point, precisely, receives from Mercedes the power unit, the hydraulics, the gearbox and the rear suspension. All elements that are always from a previous generation ...

Lewis Hamilton in action on the Mercedes W10.
Lewis Hamilton in action on the Mercedes W10.

So far there is nothing new. However, for this year the Racing Point engineers came up with the idea that To achieve greater efficiency of the parts that the German brand gives them, they should have a car as similar as possible to a Silver Arrow, thus leaving aside the idea of ​​creating a machine with its own concept to which the elements originally created for another car were attached.

This is how the RP20 that the Mexican will lead was arrived at Sergio Pérez and the Canadian Lance stroll during this season and that it has several solutions used by Mercedes in its 2019 model.

These include the nose, the pontoons, the rear "T" and a suspension geometry with a low camber, instead of using a high camber as they had been doing.

In Racing Point they insist that all the designs are their own, although they do not deny that these components were developed in the Mercedes wind tunnel after using that of the wind tunnel for a long time. Toyota...

Racing Point 2020
Lance Stroll and Sergio Pérez with the “Mercedes Rosa”.

“We have used what we have seen. What you see in the RP20 is what our people have drawn by looking at parts of Mercedes ”, said Andrew Green, Racing Point's technical director, who also doesn't hide the fact that his car is almost a faithful copy of the W10 that he debuted last year.

Is it okay that Racing Point has so blatantly copied itself from Mercedes? Actually yes because throughout the year you always see how the teams copy each other.

Although it is logical that several teams complain, mainly Renault y McLaren, Since the preseason testing They have shown that this "pink Mercedes" is also a car to be feared and that they will have to catch up with ...

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