The Renault Gordini that astonished Road Tourism

That car driven by Eduardo Copello and prepared by Oreste Berta was another clear sign that not everything is written in motorsport.

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Scandalous mouse. This is how the magazine defined autoworld to a small white car that had the pleasure of measuring itself as equals against the powerful Road Tourism. That vehicle was a Renault gordini, which had as a pilot Edward Copello and that he had the training of a young man Oreste Bertha.

This particular TC rose to fame on its debut on March 13th 1966 when before a full Buenos Aires racetrack he led the pack for a couple of laps until he was relegated by a mechanical failure.

Undoubtedly, the Gordini prepared by Berta was another hit of that modernist trend that convulsed the category in the mid-60s through the appearance of the “compact”, as the modern lines vehicles were called that at that time. they traded in the national industry and were reformed to compete in the popular category.

Renault gordiniIt was evident that the appearance of the Chevitú in 1964 had set fire to several preparers, who as Jose Froilan Gonzalez -owner of that two-door Chevrolet 400 that he guided so well Jorge Cupeiro- They thought that the future of Argentine motorsports was not exactly in the cupecitas ...

The Gordini putting on track was not at all capricious. The small model produced by Kaiser Argentina Industries he was already showing off in the Improved Tourism, where he dominated without setbacks. In fact, Gaston perkins he won the 1963, 1964 and 1965 Grand Prix with an official 1093 whose crankshaft was polished to hold up to the XNUMX-kilometer race. Perkins, despite his great height, managed to fit inside the car almost glued to the rear window and looked out the rear window, since the upright was at face level.

The engines used in the TM were brought from France with 55 HP, but Berta managed to extract about 10 more HP. The hegemony of this small car in this tough competition continued in 1966 and 1967 at the hands of the Cordovan danilo bonamicci. Other winning pilots with Gordini were the Guimarey brothers, Juan Pedro Garcia, Kurt delfosse, Osvaldo antelo, Charles Ruesch and Copello himself.

Although IKA already had an official team in the Improved Tourism, the car for the TC was prepared in a particular way by Berta, who understood that it could make the most of the freedoms of the technical regulation of that year.

"The car was perfectly achievable and a great competitive environment to fight with traditional TCs, in scenarios that, for them, were non-traditional", Berta once commented on the project. The renowned coach always lamented that after the debut of his car, "They will stipulate a minimum weight and will leave us out of competition."

Renault gordiniGoing deeper into the subject, Berta explained: “Our approach was simple: if we managed to get more than 1.000 HP into the 3 cm90 of the Renault, something we did, it would be much better than traditional TCs. And it happened like that, it braked faster than them, it turned significantly lighter and, in short, in the confrontation of medium speeds, its mark was higher, although the top speed was significantly lower than that of the TCs ”.

To achieve this goal, Berta started from the base of an 850 engine that after its preparation reached the 98,8 HP at 7.400 rpm. The impeller, which had a delicate job on the intake and exhausts, was equipped with two Weber double-body carburettors. The bodywork also had a great job, which improved its aerodynamics.

After that promising debut, he had several touch-ups that significantly changed their appearance. The tube, for example, was redesigned to reduce the frontal area through a duct that reduces pressure by eliminating air through a hole located at the back. The roof was lowered, although the original height of the doors was maintained by regulation. In this way, it had a kind of rear side deflectors that also benefited its performance. According to Berta, that car that astonished in Buenos Aires reached a final speed of 190 km / h ...

The euphoria for the Scandalous Mouse, a name that Gordini earned by the ingenuity of the Automundo journalists, lasted a sigh, but allowed to ratify a maxim said by José Froilan González at that time and that still persists today: "Nobody stops progress."

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