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Roberto Mouras: The great idol of the TC who resists being forgotten

Friends and rivals remember the Bull of Carlos Casares, who tragically passed away on November 22, 1992.

Roberto Jose Mouras He was one of the best drivers in Argentine motorsport. El Toro de Carlos Casares stood out in the Road Tourism, category in which he achieved 50 wins and three titles (1983, 1984 and 1985 with Dodge). Mouras died on November 22, 1992 during the final that was being played in the semi-permanent in Lobos. Here, the memory of those who knew him ...

OSCAR CASTELLANO: “Roberto was a good rival. With him we fight great races and championships. We were tough rivals. We always went to look for the last meter in each maneuver. Beating Mouras meant beating my biggest rival. Today I do not regret anything and I am sure that if he lived, he would not either. We showed a lot of vehemence but also a good camaraderie. Outside of the tracks we did not have much relationship, we only saw each other on top of the car. Maybe it was because of our way of being ”.

Roberto Mouras: The great idol of the TC who resists being forgotten
Mouras with Jorge Pedersoli, his motorcyclist.

JORGE PEDERSOLI (MOTORIST): “It was a son that I did not father. With that I say everything. He was very introverted, but after a few years a bigger relationship developed. We grew and we had a bond that exceeded that of the coach and the driver. I remember a trip we took with Roberto and Hugo Mazzacane to England. We came with a box and when we went through a tunnel, it touched the ceiling. Hugo told him: 'Roberto, notice that it seems to me that we hit the ceiling' and he replied 'be calm that nothing happens ...'. We are embedded in the tunnel like a cork. They bitched us in 13.000 languages! Those are the things that my dear friend also did ”.

HUGO MAZZACANE (COMPANION): “If we live it by remembering, he will never die. He was very introverted, but when he was with friends and it was just different. As a pilot he was excellent. I saw him do amazing things. I remember a lot the 1976 Llano Grand Prix, where despite having punctured a rubber in the mud, he managed to beat the official Ford team of Gradassi and Traverso. There he showed me that he was great ”.

RODOLFO DI MEGLIO (FRAME): “I have the best memories of him. It was always handled with respect. He had a very low profile, he preferred to be quiet than to argue. On one occasion, I had a quarrel with Jorge Perdersoli and he himself joined us to fix things. We always charged him with the fact that he was very stingy. In tests, for example, it always left me wanting to put new tires on. 'Di Meglio, I know what the car does with the new tires. You stay calm ', he said to me ”.

OSCAR AVENTIN: “El Toro was an all-time great. He lent me a rubber and I a windshield, but on the track we killed each other. As a pilot he was a "top", very brave and without speculation. He was an exquisite person. When I won the championship in 1991, I received a telegram from almost a page where he explained to me in technical details issues that only drivers understand. Mouras was a great guy. He never made up the Board of Directors but every Tuesday he was at the ACTC having tea and talking with us ”.

JUAN MANUEL LANDA: “He was my idol. He was an excellent person and a better companion. A very difficult opponent to beat since he never gave up in a time where there was a lot of camaraderie. I met him at a race in La Plata in 1982 and although his mechanics sold me the cylinder head and the cams, he selected them himself and gave me his own irons. Ten years later, we share his last podium at the Morón Air Base ”.

JOHNNY OF BENEDICTIS: “I was lucky to share the same trainers (Wilke and Pedersoli) so we were in the same box. I always admired him, he was one of my idols. As a pilot he was brave, extremely rough, he always wanted to win. And as a person he was spectacular, beyond that he was very withdrawn. What I remember the most is the advice he gave me: those related to cars and those that had to do with life ”.

EMILIO SATRIANO: “Roberto was an excellent person, a great rival, a good friend. We fought many races and that is why I can assure you that he was a very tough driver. When the Daytona project came out I didn't want to go and he insisted on me. He told me that we were going to have a good time and that we were going to share a room. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it happen because he passed away before the trip ”.

ANTONIO AVENTIN: “Roberto was a gentleman up and down the car. In short, he did what he had to do and went to Carlos Casares. I remember a lot a race in Ayacucho. We were pulling together at 280 km / h and we touched, but there were codes that were respected. When he finished the race he grabbed me and said with a smile 'son of a p… where did you want to go? Haha'. He was a clean rider, always healthy, never with bad intentions ”.

LUIS MINERVINO: “Roberto was one of the references that Chevrolet had when I started racing. I respected him a lot, but he had no problem approaching and advising you. I remember a lot a race in Mendoza, where Oscar Aventin won. I came out second and Mouras third. In recent years, when we had to share the closed parks after the races, he would come up to me and tell me that he couldn't take it anymore, that he felt tired. But on the track he showed the opposite. My first victory was achieved by battling him. He looked for me to the last meters, showed me the car everywhere. That's why they called him the Bull, because you always had him on top of you and he didn't give you respite ”.

ROBERTO URRETAVIZCAYA: “I always remember Roberto Mouras a lot because he was my idol. That is why one of my great sporting satisfactions was having been able to race with him. One of the things that always caught my attention about his handling was his first laps in the race, he was going hard. That is why they called him the Bull. I remember a competition in Allen, where I was penalized for touching him. Mouras himself came out to defend me, telling the authorities to take away the penalty because if I didn't touch him, he would end up in the audience. That gesture only the big ones have ”.


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