Royal Enfield celebrates 120 years with a motorcycle expedition to the South Pole

Two pilots of the brand will undertake a 39-day expedition through Antarctica on a 770 km route on two Royal Enfield Himalayan prepared for the occasion.

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Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world in continuous production since 1901. During these 120 years it has maintained the legacy of building classic, simple and authentic motorcycles that are attractive and fun to ride. Through time and the most difficult terrain, the brand has emerged victorious in journeys that have put the endurance of man and machine to the test, while remaining a relevant and attractive brand.

From humble beginnings in the factory RedditchRoyal Enfield has been creating memorable experiences and legendary motorcycling stories for over a century. In his journey to encourage the riders of the world to explore and discover new places throughout their lives, he has undertaken trips around the world, ranging from the highest motorized pass in the world to the base camp Mount Everest in Tibet; from the most inaccessible mountain pass in Daulat Beg Oldi, Karakoram, to the crossing of the Kutch desert under picturesque starry skies.

Royal Enfield 90 SouthContinuing on this journey and to commemorate 120 years of building the culture of pure motorcycling, Royal Enfield will close 2021 with an ambitious attempt to push the limits of the possibilities of motorcycling. The company will embark on a motorcycle expedition with the Royal Enfield Himalayan to attempt to reach the South Pole from the Ross Ice Shelf via the Leverett Glacier. 90 ° SOUTH - The Conquest of the Pole It is conceived as a tribute to the brand's commitment to pure motorcycling, and to the courage and endurance of countless riders and explorers who have made history with their motorcycle trips. 

Conceived as a tribute to 120 years of pure motorcycling and as an ode to all Royal Enfield Riders who have dared to explore beyond the ordinary, 90 ° South will be an ambitious attempt to go where no motorcycle has gone before. 

The expedition, which will begin in Cape (South Africa) on November 26, 2021, will feature the participation of two Royal Enfield pilots, Santhosh Vijay Kumar, Director of Motorcycles and Community of Royal Enfield; and Dean coxson, Senior Product Development Engineer at Royal Enfield; that will try to reach the South Pole, from the Ross Ice Shelf, through the Leverett Glacier, to the Amundsen-Scott Pole Station.

Royal Enfield 90 SouthIn close collaboration with Arctic trucks, 90 ° SOUTH will take place on two purpose built Royal Enfield Himalayan. Arctic Trucks, a member of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators, is known for its extensive experience in the field and has traveled more than 350.000 km on the Antarctic plateau. In the past they have provided support and service to various expeditions and scientific activities, as well as commercial and NGO expeditions.

Launched in 2016, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is a straightforward motorcycle, suitable for any terrain. Inspired by the experience of decades of riding in the Himalayas and traveling thousands of miles of challenging terrain, it was built to be a versatile motorcycle, capable both on and off the road. The Himalayan has been a trusted ally for many adventurers around the world.

For this expedition, two Himalayans have been modified in-house, with functional improvements to be able to navigate through snow and ice and thus function skillfully in extreme conditions in Antarctica. The Himalayan was tested for this arduous and treacherous journey on Iceland's Langjokull Glacier, with the intention of reflecting Antarctic conditions. Phase 1 of the tests was conducted in September 2020, while phase 2 concluded in July 2021

Royal Enfield 90 SouthSince the Himalayan is itself a very complete and competent machine, minimal changes have been made to the motorcycle to prepare it for the terrain and weather conditions in Antarctica. 

To get a higher torque at the rear wheel, the 15 tooth main drive sprocket has been replaced with a 13 tooth one. There is a tubeless wheel setup with knobby tires that allows the rubbers to run at very low pressures and increase response on soft snow, while providing adequate traction on hard ice. 

The team has introduced a more powerful alternator It uses rare earth magnets, so the motorcycle produces more current and the equipment can use the heating devices with the battery.

Royal Enfield 90 SouthThe motorcycles will be driven on a packed snow track from the Ross Ice Shelf to the South Pole, to reduce the resistance of the motorcycle and limit emissions to the absolute minimum. 

Royal Enfield is carefully making sure that the expedition team does not leave any tracks, except for the wheel tracks, which will be quickly lost in the snow. In line with the initiative #LeaveEveryPlaceBetter, The team will ensure that all waste, including human waste, is brought back for proper disposal.

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