Sebastian Vettel against Formula 1, the least thought out dispute ...

The four-time champion lowered his thumb to future plans for the top flight.

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The German Sebastian Vettel, team driver Aston Martin of F1, he insisted again on the need for the highest category to be more environmentally friendly. In his opinion the F.1 plans for greener engines and sustainable fuels are not as aggressive as they should be.

During a talk with the press in the middle of the past Turkish Grand Prix, Vettel stated that feel an internal conflict between his environmental thoughts, something he trumpets off the track, and being an F.1 racer. "It is logical that this happens because the category is not green", said the four-time champion.

Sebastian Vettel“We live in a time when we have innovations and possibilities to make Formula 1 also green and not lose any of the spectacle, the excitement, the speed, the challenge or the passion. We have so many smart people and engineering power here that we could find solutions… ”, stated the German in an article published in Motorsport.

"We are at a stage where we know we made mistakes and we don't have time to continue making them", Vettel alerted, emphasizing the latest data on global warming.

The German's reflection comes in the midst of discussions between engine manufacturers to define the technical rules of 2025/2026, which would include the use of Fully sustainable fuels created in the laboratory from biological waste.

However, for the pilot that is wrong. In your opinion, F.1 should use synthetic fuels instead of using E10 products that are already available at service stations. "I don't think that matches the kind of ambitions Formula 1 has to be a technology leader," admitted.

“I'm not a specialist, but I'm more of a fan of synthetic fuels than biofuels… With biofuels you need to get your carbon from somewhere and I think there could be some problems or complications there. It would be right for Formula 1 to look for a way to find renewable fuels or a formula for synthetic fuels "He said.

Finally highlighted: "I don't know exactly what the best solution is, but I feel like we have to start doing something now, instead of arguing for another five years and doing nothing in that time."


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