Shell Concept Car: 2,64 l / 100 km

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The oil company Shell developed a small three-seater prototype that consumes 2,64 l / 100 km with a three-cylinder gasoline engine. According to the Anglo-Dutch company, over its entire useful life it can save 34% of primary energy consumption.

The secret of the Shell Concept Car is the use of state-of-the-art technology and a “co-engineering” process whereby its body, engine design and lubricant have been created together. Gordon Murray Design's iStreamâ platform was used for its construction, owned by South African designer Gordon Murray with a past in Formula 1.

Murray's expertise in the top flight has been used to create a lightweight, impact-resistant car. In the process of building several of its components, 3D printing technology and recycled carbon fiber were used, which reduces the price of a conventional steel car by a quarter.

Shell Concept Car 3

Outwardly, the silhouette of the vehicle is characterized by being tall and narrow. Inside, the driver goes in the center and behind are the other two passengers.

The Shell prototype was subjected to various fuel consumption tests at an independent center in the UK, where it was compared with other cars.

Shell Concept Car 4

The result has been that the Shell Concept Car, according to the NEDC cycle, produces CO2 emissions 28% lower than a gasoline car and 32% lower than a hybrid with its three-cylinder engine.

Shell wants to share its prototype achievements with automakers, academics and other industry experts.

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