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Tell me what sign you are and I'll tell you which Mustang is for you

Based on the characteristics of the zodiac signs, we found the ideal pony car for you.

All people have different characteristics, qualities, skills and "energy" that make us different from others. The same thing happens with the Ford Mustang, a vehicle that arrived ago 57 years. with a style and "personality" that distinguishes them and makes them immortal.

It is said that the zodiacal signs give us strengths and elements that can influence our character; The influence of the celestial bodies has a special importance in our lives and all this is marked by the day we were born, are you ready to know what your perfect Mustang would be?


Mustang Cobra llAquarians are said to be shy and quiet, but at the same time they can have a highly outgoing side. They are visionary and "aggressive" with the things they want. Thats why he Mustang Cobra ll It is perfect for them, a car that revolutionized thanks to its change of image and concept; "Less" sportiness in exchange for elegance, luxury and powerful engine.


Mustang GT 1968Pisces are very friendly, they are empathetic, expressive, generous, compassionate, trustworthy, and caring. They tend to have great attachment to artistic expressions and good relationships, as well as being incorrigible romantics. The Mustang GT 1968 It is the perfect model for this sign, a car that he fell in love with since his debut in the film Bullit and continues to captivate new generations with its design, in addition to conquering the slopes.


500 Mustang Shelby GT2019Aries stands out for their strong energy, dynamism, speed, and competence. They are usually always in the first places and stand out in all areas where they operate. They have a strong character that stands out from the rest. For Aries, 500 Mustang Shelby GT2019 it is ideal, being one of the most powerful vehicles in the history of this pony-car; with an incredible racing chassis and custom tires that allow it to reach 96 km / h.


Shelby GT500 KR 1968Taurus are strong, tenacious, and overprotective of their loved ones. They are very good at business and excellent workers. They are attracted to love, beauty, romance, sensuality, and creativity. Being a magnificent piece of automotive engineering, the Shelby GT500 KR from 1968 perfectly represents the Taurus. Both versions, coupe or convertible, remain synonymous with beauty, speed and infatuation.


Mustang Boss 429Expressive, quick thinking and with different personalities. Gemini is very sociable, communicative and always up for fun, however, he becomes hermit, restless and indecisive. With its chassis prepared to make noise on the streets, the Mustang Boss 429 it is perfect for Gemini. It has a strong personality that later inspired the design of other models.


2019 Ford Mustang GT California SpecialLoyal, friendly and very attached to their friends and loved ones. Although they show a strong character, they are very sensitive and are always thinking about their home and family. The GT California Special It was one of the first limited edition Mustangs, designed for the lifestyle of teenage baby boomers. A perfect combination of style and fashion for Cancer.


Mustang Boss 302When we speak of Leo, we speak of leaders by nature, of people who will always look for a way to achieve everything they set out to do and it will be very difficult to resist them. In the history of muscle cars, few are the names that sound as loud as Boss 302, without a doubt a legendary vehicle. In addition, its engine was designed with the intention of crowning itself as the fastest of all time. The ideal car for Leo.


Mustang GT PremiumA sign that stands out from the rest for the attention they pay to details, even in the most “insignificant” things, which makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Thanks to its details, such as heated and ventilated leather seats, selectable driving modes and the infotainment system it has, the Mustang GT Premium it is ideal for Virgo.


350 Shelby Mustang GT1965 RLibras love company; Friends, your partner and family are the most important. They are lovers of beautiful things, so quality is always going to be much more important than quantity. The 350 Shelby Mustang GT1965 R It stands out for its interior design, while on the outside it draws attention wherever it is. Thanks to his engine, he won important races and became an icon for all fans.


Mach 1 1969Passionate, assertive, determined and decisive. They are great leaders and love to experiment and express their emotions, on the other hand, they are faithful and very discreet. When Mach 1 He came into the world in 1969, the world loved him immediately. This beast stayed in production for almost a decade with great performance options. Like Scorpio he was present, marking the end of the GT's.


Mustang 1964They are outgoing, optimistic, enthusiastic, and enjoy change. For them, freedom is their greatest treasure, because with only it they will be able to travel and explore the world. With the characteristics of Sagittarius immediately comes to mind the 1964 Original Mustang, a car that changed the history of vehicles in the United States and the world, whose impact has endured throughout the years.


Mustang Mach 1 2021If we think about professionalism, ethics and values, it is the perfect description of Capricorns. They become meticulous, practical, responsible, and very good savers. Mustang Mach 1, its performance, improved aerodynamics, four-cylinder V8 engine and active valves, reflect the determination and firmness of design that Capricorns seek.

What Mustang are you?



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