Sitges Terramar, the first circuit in Spain

In October 1923, after 300 days of work, the Sitges Terramar racetrack was inaugurated. It was the first circuit in Spain and one of the first in European territory together with those of Brooklands (England) and Monza (Italy).

Located in the Catalan town of Sant Pere de Ribes, it was an oval two kilometers long and with amazing banked curves that reached 90 degrees. The same year of its inauguration, the Polish Louis Zborowski set a record of 45,8 seconds for the lap at an average of 157,2 km / h.

However, his days were numbered. The owners of the track paid little money in prizes and that made it a bad name. Due to the low activity, the racetrack closed its doors in 1955.

It was only in 2009 that the route was on everyone's lips again as a result of a cleaning operation that was carried out in order to recover the property and transform it into a theme park. While that happens, the oval is an invitation to speed despite being in the middle of dense vegetation and surrounded by houses.

In this unique environment, Spanish drivers Carlos Sainz and Miguel Molina put their skills to the test in 2012 to overcome the rigors of that old circuit at the wheel of an Audi R8 LMS.

“Sitges Terramar was a great surprise. I had no idea that it existed and even less that it was the first track in Spain. The camber is tremendous, especially looking at it from below. I admit that when I saw it for the first time I was surprised and very curious to know what it felt like to drive on it. And it was very special, "said Sainz. “Putting a modern car on a circuit like this, punished by the passing of the years, was quite a challenge. The track put us to the test due to its demands and its slopes ”, added Molina.

Despite the precarious condition of the oval, Sainz rolled at 170 km / h and completed his best lap in 42,6 seconds. That record lowered Zborowski's mark by more than three seconds. "It was not easy. I had to stop in many places and slow down due to the potholes, but it was a luxury to be able to enjoy it, ”said the Madrid native. Thus, Sitges Terramar vibrated as before and came out of oblivion.


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