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A Peugeot sofa made of volcanic lava and carbon fiber

Peugeot Onyx sofa

Under the name Onyx, the Peugeot Design Lab has created motorcycles, bicycles, cars, lamps, jewelry, sculptures ... and a sofa that is unique in the world both for its design and its materials.

Until now, the latter was only sketches in the minds and computers of the engineers of the most futuristic division of the French brand. But it is already a reality, developing a specific one that will be exhibited at the best design and furniture events in the world, and that awaits private clients on demand at a cost that has not yet been set.

The Onyx sofa consists of a single 3 meter long chaise longue seat made of carbon fiber and Volvic volcanic lava stone. It is the first product of a furniture collection in which you can also find lamps, tables, sculptures and chandeliers that mix hypertechnological materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum) with natural elements such as Onyx stone, the best woods or rock. volcanic, among others.

Peugeot Onyx sofa

Separated into two parts by a sharp and direct cut, the large Volvic stone used in the sofa has spent thousands of years filtering water in its aquifer layer before being hand-carved and fused with the high-tech carbon fiber, achieving a texture very structured and technical.

The Peugeot Design Lab has achieved a very adjusted shape of the volcanic stone, showing from the first glance a natural part, without carving, which represents the origins of the whole and clearly shows where the Lab engineers have started to create the Onyx sofa.

And, on the other, a smooth part, carved to the extreme, which materializes hours and hours of workshop work by hand. Because the Peugeot Design Lab is not only technology and avant-garde, it is also craftsmanship and modeling in equal measure.

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