STC2000: Chapur and Peugeot celebrated in Potrero de los Funes

Argentina is full of circuits with a lot of history and difficulties, but the semi-permanent Potrero de los Funes is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful. Located in the San Luis town of the same name, it is extremely demanding due to its characteristics. Not only is it 6.270 meters long, but it has 23 curves of all kinds and walls that intimidate. There Facundo Chapur achieved his first victory in the Super TC2000 this Sunday, one of the most important categories in the country.

"I think it will be a very nice race on a circuit that most of the drivers like," anticipated the Cordovan in the preview, who runs a Peugeot 408 from Team Peugeot Total Argentina. The truth is that Facu was the protagonist throughout the weekend and this time no one stopped him.

He finished sixth in the standings with a lap time of just under two and a half minutes due to the length of the track, he was fourth in the qualifying race and from that position he started the final. During the first laps he fought and put pressure on Gabriel Ponce de León (Toyota) until he managed to overcome him by taking advantage of a mechanical failure.

Once in front of the pack, Chapur did what he does best: accelerate and impose a pace that no one can follow. Thus he was able to win, in his 52nd presentation in the category, with almost three seconds ahead of Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet). The podium was completed by Facundo Ardusso (Renault). With this result, the Santa Fe is the leader of the tournament, sharing the position with José Manuel Urcera (Citroën), who finished 12th.

Thanks to Chapur's triumph, Peugeot once again celebrated in the class after ten races. The previous victory was on the fifth date of the last tournament, which was held in Termas de Río Hondo (Santiago del Estero), and with Fabián Yannantuoni as pilot.


1. Facundo Chapur (Peugeot), 1h10m51s481
2. Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet) at 2s943
3. Facundo Ardusso (Renault) at 4s445
4. Gabriel Ponce de León (Toyota) at 5s000
5. Damian Fineschi (Ford) at 6s014
6. Matías Rossi (Toyota) at 6s533
7. Mariano Werner (Peugeot) at 6s998
8. Bernardo Llaver (Chevrolet) to 9s081
9. Josito Di Palma (Renault) at 9s494
10. Luciano Farroni (Ford) at 10s451
AVERAGE: 141,937 km / h. LAP RECORD: Ponce de León (11th) in 2m30s706 / 1000 at 149,775 km / h. CHAMPIONSHIP: 1) Urcera and Ardusso, 35 points; 3) Rossi, 32; 4) Pernía, 31; 5) Chapur and Ponce de León, 27; 7) Fineschi, 24; 8) Canapino, 22; 9) Werner, 22; 10) Spataro, 18. NEXT DATE: 7/5 in San Martín, Mendoza.

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