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Super TC2000 teams vs. AutoSports How does the story continue?

After the intern was made public, the parties held a meeting prior to the Alta Gracia date.

On the prior of the third date of the Super TC2000, which is set at the Cordovan racetrack in High grace, a letter was leaked that several Super teams, the TC2000 and the Formula Renault they sent executives from the Clarín Group for show your disagreement for the management of the company AutoSports SA, who is in charge of promoting the championships.

The main purpose of the note was to request a meeting to solve certain shortcomings related to televising, broadcasting, costs and organization of the contests. In the middle, a review was made of what happened twelve years ago when the holding company bought the majority of the company's share package Sports Cars 2000.

Super TC2000The leaking of the letter, obviously, did not go down well with those responsible for the company, as well as with the teams themselves who wanted to maintain their concern with the discretion of the case. Paradoxically, the fans applauded on social networks the request for the structures because they coincide with their own ...

After the document is made public, some were surprised that the signatories were not directly involved in the STC2000. However, it is logical that only the equipment has been there because they are the main losers as they offer their services to the terminals. To sum it up: If the category is not attractive, the factories move away ... And without factories the survival of the equipment is complicated as it happened to DTA after the departure of Peugeot , first; Y Fiat, later…

The note also lacked the Toyota GAZOO Racing. He said Dario Ramonda the program WorldsportThis happened because when he received it, it had already been sent; although he would hardly have put his signature on it because he did not agree with his tone.

But one thing is worth highlighting: The letter was as hard as it was exact in reality of the categories, something that has not been questioned by any of those involved. In the last two years the Super TC2000, for example, has lost eight teams and actually it barely reaches 20 vehicles when it was always said that the ideal number was between 25 and 26 so as not to have major inconveniences with the provision of turbo engines Oreca (There are thirty in the power of the division).

Wisely, at AutoSports SA they decided not to respond publicly to the letter, whose content they already knew in advance because it was sent on March 31. In fact, it had been working for a long time to hold a meeting with the teams of the three categories just before the date of Cordoba.

The meeting was held on Thursday night and lasted for two hours and, obviously, it was carried out in a climate rarefied by the public state that took the intern. The company took stock of its management in recent years, emphasized how successful the 2020 tournament was in the midst of the pandemic and presented Future projects that aim to improve the situation and, in some way, attend to the requested complaints.

It is true that everything that happened could have been resolved "indoors", but when relations reach a critical state it is inevitable that the repercussions take on a public state.

The smartest thing now is to recognize the errors -because there were-, to look for solutions that conform to all parties, set a goal and work very hard to achieve it.


Diego durruty

Journalist with 30 years of experience. Worked in magazines STROKE, The graphic, Coequipier y Only TC, on the Internet sites SportsYa!, y and on the radios Rock pop y He covered the Dakar rally for the German agency dpa. He currently drives Two Daring Guys, a car magazine that is broadcast on Tuesdays from 18 to 19 by; is editor of motorsport in Red Bull Argentina, columnist on the show WorldSport (AM Splendid) and in Surf & Rock FM.  He is also a teacher in SPORTS. Now you can read it on his blog:


  1. The story continues with more pride from the Clarin group and with the silent complicity of some actors who did not sign the note, when they should have if they are really interested in the category. I mean TGR, terminals and pilots. I could expect it from the terminals because they are corporations like Clarin, and there are no goring between oxen. The pilots, who mostly have salaries paid by the terminals, surely received the suggestion not to sign. I don't understand about TGR.
    Good for the teams that signed it, which in some cases implies self-criticism, like Rosso who was the promoter of Clarin's entry. The others responsible for that mistake are gone, Peon and Furlan.
    I still think that the way out is to kick the board and get Clarin out of the way.

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