What does the letter that the Super TC2000 teams sent to Grupo Clarín say?

Lack of cars, diffusion, promotion, television and management are the topics covered in the letter.

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Four pages, 14 paragraphs and 1.084 words contain the hard letter that four teams of the Super TC2000, eight teams from TC2000 and six structures of the Formula Renault they sent two senior executives from the Clarín Group to comment on your discomfort about the management you are carrying out of the categories through the company Auto Sport S.A..

The document was signed by representatives of Ambrogio Racing, FDC Motor Spoort, Pro Racing, Honda Racing, Barobero Racing, Río de la Plata Team, Fela Team, Fineschi Racing, JM motor sport, Riva Racing, Aimar Motor Sport, Croizet Racing, Gabriel Werner, Litoral y LR.

Super TC2000
Photo: Super TC2000 Press.

The letter, to which he had Exclusive access to Automundo, analyzes the management that has already completed more than a decade and shows its concern in relevant issues such as the lack of cars, broadcasting, promotion, management and television. Here are some of the highlights ...


- “The decline that we are experiencing in our categories does not correspond to what is happening in the ACTC field, where cars, drivers, advertisers and the public are constantly incorporating cars. There is currently an abysmal difference in the number of cars on the track that they have compared to us ”.


- "Cameras are used whose lenses are found with damp halos fogging the images, events of the event are lost due to lack of camera capacity ..."

- “Television broadcasts on Channel 13 have an inconvenient schedule for the visibility of the competitions, since they are broadcast at an hour that seems to be the time when we do not disturb, while the broadcasts on TyCSports are announced on days and times that are not fulfilled by the signal, generating the discontent of the public, the advertisers, the relatives of the pilots and the terminals themselves. In contrast, Public Television broadcasts all its categories until 14:30 pm ”.


- "It has a price list far from the real value of the product and a poor quality of service in events providing a poor infrastructure ... There is no vision oriented to customer service, team sponsors or the parents of the drivers who they must wander without any comfort through the circuits with the total indifference of the company "


- "There have been a series of executives who have systematically failed, because in essence a disconcerting line is maintained, aimlessly, without respect for the motorsport of our categories."

On this last point, reference is made to the work carried out by John Paul Fredricks, who was removed from his post a few weeks ago. In this sense, the teams were satisfied with his management, although surprised by his departure. “The displacement of none other than Fredriks worries us, because we are facing a new start. But we are more concerned with perceiving that success is a reason for change; this indicates that we are headed for failure. "

Reference is also made to the work of Ricardo Anglada, who according to the teams, "It does not participate in sports events and blocks any initiative that we can propose and articulate with the people of the company linked to the management of the sports business."


- "This constitutes a request for help tending to save sports activity ... If this is not noticed, we will inevitably disappear quickly. We require an immediate change of course, of forms and of people ”.



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  1. Lapidary letter. I think that at this point, within Clarin there can be no solution.
    Factories and teams are going to have to create a new category with another name and start from scratch.

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