Super TC2000 with SUV, hatchback or sedan? "You have to go back to the sources," says Cocho López

The former driver, who played an important role in the creation of the TC2000, gave his opinion on the possible change in the segment of vehicles used in the championship.

Toyota Hilux

The possibility that the Super TC2000 change the car segment currently used, something that the brands in the category must define this year, caused a debate among the iron fanatics who provided their opinions on social media. The alternatives being considered are stick with C-segment sedans or change them for segment B hatchbacks or even Compact SUV's.

Cocho LopezCocho Lopez, one of the creators of TC2000 original, echoed a survey that was published in @automundoARG on what kind of vehicle the category should use and he was blunt with his opinion.

“After all the nonsense, to say the least, that (Pablo) Peón and my former colleagues did to sell the category and invent another similar category but trout, what is missing is that they run with family cars. My God!"He tweeted in reference to that compulse, which sedans so far dominate by a small margin over hatchbacks.

Automundo He spoke with the former driver to elaborate more on his feeling towards the current situation of the division, in which cars that respected their mechanics originally competed. "I feel hurt with everything I see because there were drivers, mechanics and trainers who left their lives behind this category", Assured.

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Jose Maria Lopez 2007
José María López, in 2007, with a Honda Civic with his own brand engine.

“The category has to go back to the sources and respect its history. Although you can use the original engines of each car, you can also aggiornarte like others do and look for elements to be the same as everything else. But you have to have cars that are the original ones from the factories because that's part of their history. But for that we make a prototype sport, we take the word TC2000 out of the name and that's it " he pondered.

For Cocho one of the solutions is “Less technology and more artisan work”. In that sense, he assured that in that way "The motorsport fan, who today is counted on the fingers of one hand, will be attracted and fascinated by the fact of seeing how another person prepares a car, develops it and puts it on the track."

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  1. Engines of each brand, aspirated with 4 cylinders and up to 2.1 Lts, without limit of flange or rpm. Compression from 11 to 1 for all. Taking advantage of the developments and trainers of the TN class 3, there is very little that needs to be done new.
    Minimum weight of 950 kg for all. And 6-speed sequential gearbox without cams, with lever. When going to sec. B the only rear suspension used by the category is compatible with all models, none of them lose compared to the original system.
    The SUV seems to me a nonsense, a fantasy. And that's why I don't rule out that these people implement it.

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