"I see it feasible and interesting to use the SUV in the Super TC2000"

Marcelo Ambrogio, head of the Renault Castrol Team, gave his opinion on the possibility of changing the segment in the category of turbo engines.

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Sedan, hatchback or SUV? Those are the options that are considered in the Super TC2000 for the future. The decision of the segment to be used should be made this year, although it is unknown when and how it would be implemented in the event that the sedans currently in use are discarded. Opinions are obviously divided, although it is clear that the last word will be the brands themselves participating in the specialty.

Renault CapturFor, Marcelo ambrogioresponsible for Renault Castrol Team, for example the SUV would be a good alternative. “The Super TC2000 basically depends on the terminals. And what the factories are interested in promoting, we have to do. Of course I see feasible that SUVs are the next car in the category ", the team-manager told Automundo.


  • SUV, hatchback or sedan? What kind of car will the Super TC2000 use in the future?
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"We will have to do a great job of equalizing the performance of the different brands, but it is a very important segment for the global automotive industry and in which all terminals have models"added the person in charge of the Rombo.

Marcelo ambrogio

“I think it is feasible and interesting to use SUVs. I would like the challenge very much, more so because nowhere in the world is this segment being used for competition. The hatchback is another option, but I see the SUV as more favorable due to a market issue in Argentina ”, culminated.

Although SUVs and hatchbacks are indeed more popular than sedans, many fans have raised their voices at the possible change of vehicles.

A sample was given in the survey made by Automundo on Twitter and where the resistance to using other segments was exposed. On 367 votes, sedans accumulated the 39%, although with a not very large margin over the hatchbacks, which grouped the 35,4%. Further away were the SUVs with the 25,6%.

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  1. They are going to shoot themselves in the foot, especially the teams if they keep lowering their heads and accepting the props they propose. People who buy SUVs, for the most part, are not fond of cars, so they don't give a damn if those cars run in tc2000 or not. They will not watch the races or buy more suvs if they race and they will not stop buying if they do not race.
    On the other hand, people who follow motorsport, notice that the cars have brand engines, that they have good sound, that the format of the cars are logical, etc.
    The TC2000 failed largely because of the first 2 things I name.
    If you add suv bodywork to that, no one else sees it directly.
    Single-engine SUVs that pull 6 rpm, no matter how much Rossi and Canapino run, no one is interested.

  2. And to top it all they are going to mix in the same category things as different as a Nivus that measures 1,49 in height or an HRV, with a Renegade that is a shoe box, or an Ecosport with the spare wheel hanging. The "equalization" work mentioned in the note is nothing more than a constant manipulation of the regulation, type ACTC.
    SUVs are vehicles that are just born to be as far from the ground as possible, here they would look for the exact opposite effect, cut sheet metal from all sides to make them lower, a phantom similar to the TC PickUp.
    If you think logically, it is much more logical for SUVs and PickUps to run in cross country rallies, which in fact is what happens. Not even in a traditional rally, given that due to the height they would be much more likely to capsize.
    The TC2000 has to go clearly to Seg. B, both Hatch and Sedan.

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