Before the Super TC2000, the TC also wanted to be turbo

In 1992 the TC Turbo took to the track at the Buenos Aires racetrack. It was an attempt by the ACTC to pave the way for the park upgrade, but the project failed due to the disinterest of the teams and the public.

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These days a lot is said about the Super TC2000 to the era of turbo engine after the agreement he made with the French firm Oreca so that I can give you this type of motorization already from this year. With this decision the category will become the second in the country to use these turbocharged powerplants after the Argentine Rally, who has been using them for a couple of years.

Horacio Lepiane also raced in the Gálvez with a Ford Sierra. Photo: Courtesy Alejandro De Brito.

However the idea of ​​driving a racing car with a turbo engine in our in Argentina is not new. In fact, in 1991 la Road Tourism Corridors Association was encouraged to create a division that he called TC Turbo.

The idea of ​​the ACTC was pave the way for the TC park upgrade faced with the difficulty of finding iron to assemble the cars and, incidentally, shade the TC2000, which was much more popular, when running with the same models.

The TC Turbo park was made up of Renault Fuego, Ford Sierra, VW Carat y Fiat regatta, all vehicles with 1.9 and 2.2 liter displacement engines. These vehicles were fitted with Garret turbos with a maximum allowable pressure of 1,3 Bar and a speed of 6.000 rpm. The power exceeded 300 horses.

Among the pilots who supported the brand new teceist category were Oscar Aventin, Roberto Mouras, Cocho López, Ernesto Bessone, Carlos Aranzana, Jorge Omar del Río Hugo Olmi, Rubén Bulla y Omar bonomo. The cars came from the same TC2000 and from the Class 3 of National tourism.

El December 6 1992, the TC Turbo was presented to more than Per people. The chosen place was the racetrack of Buenos Aires, scene of the last date of the TC tournament that consecrated Puma Aventin as champion.

The enthusiasm of the ACTC was contrasted with the interest that really existed in participating in the TC Turbo: They only showed up seven vehicles that turned by way of exhibition. To that was added the public's indifference to the low noise of the engines. Thus the project was quickly shelved.

Today history repeats itself, although this time the turbo reaches a category that is already underway. Will the fans accept it? Only time will have the last word.

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