Matías Rossi returned to Super TC2000 with everything on a date full of controversies

The Toyota GAZOO Racing Argentina driver won Alta Gracia and stalks Leonel Pernía (Renault), who continues to lead the championship.

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The presentation of Super TC2000 en High grace, Córdoba, it was not one more. On the one hand, by the internal between the teams of the category and AutoSports, the company that manages the championship. And on the other for the scandalous qualifying race in which participants ran on different compound tires by who knows whose error. Beyond that, victory was left to Matias Rossi (Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia), who returned to activity after a hiatus forced by having coronavirus.


Marcelo CiarrocchiOn Saturday the rain put an extra seasoning on the race that defines the starting grid for the Sunday test. For this reason, the pilots had to wear the anchored tires provided by Pirelli. Unusually, there were three compounds with different characteristics that caused some cars to be two to four seconds slower.

Julian Santero (Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia), Leonel Pernía, Damien Fineschi (both from the Renault Castrol Team) and Marcelo Ciarrocchi (FDC Motor Sports) were some of those harmed by the slow tires. To get rid of your doubts, Rossi tested the available compounds once the official activity ended and the particular mistake with the rubber batch was confirmed there.

Super TC2000The teams met to define what to do in the face of what happened. It was decided to keep the result of the test that he won Franco Vivian (Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia). The Automobile Sports Commission of Automobile Club Argentino it respected the decision, even though it is the entity in charge of supervising and administering justice ...

“The decision had to be made by the CDA, without asking anyone. They decided to vote and it is already known that each team throws water for their mill… ”, Santero summarized on his Twitter account.


What happened to the tires fell at an inopportune moment due to the blows of the hard letter that some owners of the Super structures, the TC2000 and Formula Renault sent on March 31st to executives of Grupo Clarín to show your disagreement with the management of AutoSports.

The parties met on Thursday to iron out their differences. and everything seemed to be on the right track. But on sunday a couple of posters hanging on a fence of the property they put a question mark to this situation. The banners pointed to Ricardo Anglada, Director of Audiovisual Content at Clarín, for "Ruin the best motorsport" ...

In a race without an audience that this poster has appeared is, to say the least, suspicious and it is clear that its objective was "to add fuel to the fire."


Matias RossiIn the midst of these questions, Rossi emerged as the man of the day after a great race in which again the Push to pass had its leading role. This time it could be used for 50 seconds with a delay of half a minute in its activation.

The Missile was able to take advantage of it in the start, in which he won three places (he started sixth) and then to go in search of the lead, which he captured after beating Facundo Ardusso (Puma Energy Honda Racing), who could not use it to defend themselves due to a device failure.

Matias Rossi“It is difficult to win by starting sixth, but all things turned out well. In addition, the car always performed very well ”, summarized Rossi, who led the Toyota 1-2 that Vivian completed, suffering from a spinal injury that will be operated on this week. Third ended Bernardo Keychain (Chevrolet YPF).

The points accumulated in this particular weekend allowed Rossi to jump to second place in the tournament. He has 48 points and is four behind the leader Pernía, who finished fourth ahead of Emiliano spataro (Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia).

The next date will be May 2 in San Nicolás (Buenos Aires).


1 Matias Rossi Toyota Corolla 41m38s109
2 Franco Vivian Toyota Corolla to 1s080
3 Bernardo Keychain Chevrolet cruze to 3s433
4 Leonel Pernía Renault fluence gt to 3s672
5 Emiliano spataro Toyota Corolla  to 4s620
6 Facundo Ardusso Honda civic to 5s196
7 Agustin Canapino Chevrolet cruze to 5s615
8 Julian Santero Toyota Corolla to 5s996
9 Damien Fineschi Renault fluence gt to 6s606
10 Thomas Cingolani Renault fluence gt to 8s164

AVERAGE: 139.901 km / h. LAP RECORD: Rossi in 1m34s560 / 1000 at 153.997 km / h. CHAMPIONSHIP: 1) Pernia, 52 points; 2) Rossi, 48; 3) Canapino, 38; 4) Santero, 37; 5) Ardusso, 33; 6) Vivian, 29; 7) Keychain, 27; 8) Fineschi, 21; 9) Mile, 17; 10) Barrichello, 10.

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  1. Unpresentable about the rain tires. The failure of the push to pass in today's race in Ardusso's car, when the Toyota passes it, is also at least suspicious.
    It is clear that the way is, however, to get Clarin out of the way and form an Association between the teams. But everyone (except Clarin obviously) has to agree, and until now the voice of TGR, the terminals and the pilots has not been heard.
    Clarin's business became the sale and rental of elements to the teams (at the highest possible price), regardless of whether that (and other things) make the category where it is today.

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