SUV, hatchback or sedan? What kind of car will the Super TC2000 use in the future?

This year the category will evaluate whether it stops using C segment vehicles to replace it with other models more in line with the current market.

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When the TC2000 was born in the late '70s, it proposed to represent on the tracks what was happening in the Argentine market, something that was quickly well accepted by the terminals. Thus it was that for years the vehicles that were leaders in sales, such as Dodge 1500, Ford Taunus, Renault Fuego, Ford Sierra, VW Gol y Peugeot 504They had a competition version that generally prepared teams that had a direct relationship with the factory.

Agustin Canapino

El Super TC2000, since 2012, continues that legacy, although with a mechanics that is not the original of each model. All cars use the same vital elements as la suspension and engine, which was first a Duratec developed by Oreste Berta (2009 to 2011), then a V8 de Radical (2012 to 2018) and currently one Oreca turbo (since 2019).

Thus it was that the concept of seeing a vehicle on a circuit that one could buy the next day at a dealership was shelved. Despite this change, made mainly for an economic issue, the Marcas they kept their presence in the category using his C-segment workhorse with the objective of reinforce your image. Although this strategy was never accepted by lovers of traditional motorsport.

VW T-Cross: Pre-sale began in ArgentinaAt present the division park is represented by Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Cruze, Renault Fluence GT, Honda Civic y Citroën C4 Lounge. But this year a decision is expected to be made on the future and the models SUV compact y hatchback of segment B they are in the race to be protagonists of the renovation.

If the Super TC2000 takes the path of SUVs it would be unique in the world since there is no such division, beyond the Extreme E, which uses an electric prototype for off-road racing with that appearance; and the monobrand that Lamborghini intends to launch with him Urus ST-X Concept.

Super TC2000 SUV
Profile of the competition T-Cross. Area 75 was based on the decoration of the remembered “Polychrome” by Guillermo Maldonado.

What vehicles could compete? Toyota Corolla Cross, VW T-Cross, Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Kona, Jeep Renegade, Citroen C4 Cactus, Nissan Kicks and Honda HR-V, Among others.

"SUVs would give brands the possibility of having a current model on the track ... Enehe world runs with vans and trucks too. An SUV can be adapted to competition, that would not be a problem. It would even look good because it would be the original car in a large percentage ", I explain Luciano monti, technical director of Puma Energy Honda Racing Team, the Automundo.

The chance of the hatchbak, on the other hand, would allow us to see in action Chevrolet Onix, Peugeot 208, Renault Sandero, Toyota Yaris, Fiat Argo, Honda Fit, Ford Ka, VW Polo y Kia RioTo name a few. “I imagine this type of vehicle with a more World Rally Car style appearance; very big and showy ", adds Monti, who at the time proposed adding these cars to the specialty.

"I proposed that he be allowed to compete with the hatchabak and give him, for example, about 50 kilos less to encourage them to put these cars in la padel guidance on little by little to migrate towards that segment "He said.

This technical course that must be defined by the brands themselves could allow the return to the original mechanics, something that fans who dream of each vehicle maintaining its own engine taken to the extreme to obtain little more than double the original power (between 120 and 150 horses, approximately). However, with the Oreca going through their third season, the chance to use the boosters in each car is unlikely to be tempting.

There is no definite date for this change, although with SUVs and hatchbaks dominating over sedans the replacement should be produced in a short time.

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  1. I imagined that these people might think of some nonsense of this kind.
    The TC20000 cars have to remain cars (not SUVs) and preferably sedans but from the B segment, Onix Plus, Versa, Virtus, Yaris, Cronos, Logan. Hatchbacks of that segment could also be accepted (208, Sandero, Polo, etc), but without regulatory advantages. All with a minimum weight of 950 kg.
    And the engines have to be of each brand again, aspirated with 4 cylinders and 2 or 2.1 liters, pulling 9 thousand RPM or more. Using for this the developments of the TN Class 3. No flange limit and compression of 11 to 1. They will run at 320 CV, which added to the 950 kg, the 6-speed sequential box and the downforce, will give them a very interesting performance.
    I think that if they go to the SUVs, the category disappears directly (it doesn't take much for that). And the same if they continue with the single engine that pulls 6 thousand rpm.

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