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Tattoos and Kustom Kulture

12th Tattoo Show

El 12th Tattoo Show that was recently held in La Rural was a good excuse to see the art of tattooing up close and, at the same time, the Kustom Kulture, an American neologism that is used to encompass an entire lifestyle that ranges from vehicles to fine arts, through hairstyles, music and fashion.

The people who are included in this group are, in general, lovers of the construction and modification of cars and motorcycles. This tribe emerged in South Los Angeles in the 40s and continued until the 70s thanks to fans of the piston engine. Along with the rise of this culture, the term was born Kustom Graphics that designates and describes the Kustom art style, visible on posters, t-shirts, logos of various brands, dolls, tattoos ...

Much of this was seen among the hundreds of stands that filled the Ocre pavilion at La Rural. Among the improvised tattoo studios, there were also stands with clothing and accessories according to the culture and even an outdoor sector called Garage Custom made up of a dozen classic cars and more than twenty custom motorcycles.

There was no lack of good music with mini recitals by bands such as Plan 4, Power Of Soul, Lowrdez, Tormentos, Primitiva, Motorama and Sueño de Pescado. His tribute to rock, with different styles, was the ideal soundtrack for the hundreds of people who chose the convention to leave their body at the mercy of the tattoo artists' needles.

12th Tattoo Show

“Here there is a very rough culture that identifies with the iron and the Rockabilly. Those people romanticize the V8. That is why he seeks to tattoo something related to that culture. There is the guy who has a Camaro and is his most precious treasure, but you also have the one who always walks with a T-shirt with a Camaro on his chest and travels by bus ", he told me a while ago Diego Pericas, owner of Lucky Seven Studio.

“All this trend comes from the United States. The difference with us is that there any guy has a Muscle Car, while here that is something atypical due to an economic issue ”, clarified Pericas, the proud owner of a 1970 Camaro RS.

Pericas has been tattooing for two decades and belongs to the second generation of tattoo artists in Argentina. “The first arose in the mid-1980s. At that time the tattoo was somewhat more marginal and was closely related to the world of bikers, motorcyclists. In fact, the first tattooists worked at motorcycle encounters. My generation is from the early 1990s. When I started it was still the style to do tattoos at someone's house. We had no premises. Now that changed. The tattoo artist is something more everyday and something related to fashion, especially when there are famous guys like Marcelo Tinelli who decide to get a tattoo. Too bad it's like that ... ", he assured.

His words are confirmed with a precise data. In the famous Bond Street gallery, an icon of alternative culture, there are more than twenty tattoo shops and 700 people pass daily to get tattoos.

12th Tattoo Show

Fans of two wheels, those who prefer to ride a motorcycle and feel the wind on their face, also have their culture. “The guy with a Harley-Davidson likes to have good clothes. You like to feel complete. So look for quality by buying things from the Choppers Inc. or West Coast Choppers line. Although you also have the one who cannot buy a 250.000-peso motorcycle, but likes to dress as if he had one "Said German Karp, motorcycle customizer.

Of course, Germán clarifies that the clients he has “are not motorcycle riders, those who work with the motorcycle; but people who enjoy riding a motorcycle ”. To his left, a man nods at the explanation. His name is Gustavo and they nickname him El Pelado. He prefers not to say his last name. “The motorcycle is a passion and you have to live it as such”, affirms this man who has his two arms tattooed from beginning to end and who wears a vest and a cap where the legend Hell's Angels stands out and which identifies him as a member of that legendary motorized brotherhood. "We are a family. We are all brothers and we are committed to each other ", he summarized without leaving room for cross-examination ...


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