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Will TCR South America compete against Super TC2000?

The brand new series that will start rolling in 2021 also competes with C-segment vehicles such as the Argentine division, although with several differences.

The announcement of the arrival of TCR to the region of the hand of TCR South America Shocked the local nut vibe. Mainly, because it is a specialty that appears to compete with the Super TC2000, category with which it will share the status of South American Championship given by Codasur.

In the TCR they can run sedans and hatchbacks with their own mechanics.

However, it is worth clarifying that the concept of the cars of one and the other have no points in common, beyond the fact that both series use vehicles of the C segment. The Super TC2000 uses vehicles sedans as standard, although with several common elements for all brands like the suspension scheme and the engine, which since last year is a 2.0 turbo manufactured by Oreca.

The TCR regulation, on the other hand, focuses on the use of sedans and hatchbacks that maintain their own mechanical characteristics. Somehow, like the TC2000 in its early days… Among the requirements that the units must meet are traction, which must be front, and motorization, which must be from 1.6 to 2.0 with turbo. There is no single engine, nor equal suspensions for all as in the Argentine division.

Agustín Canapino and Chevrolet, dominators in Mendoza
In the Super TC2000 all cars have the same engine.

Another difference is the aerodynamics. While in the Super TC2000 it bases a good part of its performance on the loads of the floor and the ailerons -something that will happen again this year after the parenthesis of 2019- in the TCR this development is minimal since the idea is to maintain the original appearance of the car.

The power of the vehicles is also different. The Super TC2000 is above the 380 horses; while the TCRs dispense 345 donkeys. Somehow, the TCR South America would be located between the Super and Class 3 of the National Tourism.


Hyundai i30 N
The Hyundai i30 N that Hyundai developed for the TCR.

Although little is known about the technical regulations since the announcement, it is logical to think that the guidelines that made this specialty popular will be maintained. That's why it's supposed to the cars would be imported from Europe from other series (as happened with the extinct South American Tourism) since vehicles with the aforementioned characteristics are not marketed in the region. Or they could be 0 km units purchased from the terminals themselves that are in charge of making specific developments for the TCR.

The cars that we could get to see at the TCR South America would be Alfa Romeo Giulietta RF, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce, Audi RS3, Honda Civic Type R, Hyundai i30 N, Hyundai veloster n, KIA Ceed, Peugeot 308, 308 Peugeot Racing Cup, Renault Megane RS y VW Golf GTITo name a few.


To balance the performance of different vehicles, the TCR uses a system called Performance Balance (BoP) that sets the minimum height of the vehicle, its weight and the engine power. This is determined after some general tests for this purpose and in which the cars must make the most of their performance to determine the BoP that will be used. Although it seems that the system is easy to violate by "hiding" a little in these tests, the sports authorities have the possibility of varying the BoP if they realize that the car in question was less to take advantage.


The Super TC2000 depends on the terminals, they have their own teams. Such is the case of Toyota, Chevrolet, Renault, Fiat y Honda. Although it is true that the cars used are very different from the ones they sell (as already mentioned, they do not have their own suspensions or their engines), the factories They use your participation to promote their brand image.

Nestor Girolami
Münnich Motorsport has the backing of Honda.

In the TCR the relationship with manufacturers exists, but in another way: there are sponsorships and collaborations in order to contain costs. Although something else happens that is not minor since many manufacturers are the ones who build the cars with the TCR regulation and then sell them to the teams, beyond choosing someone to have a stronger relationship. Thus, for example, in the WTCR, the Munich Motorsport that has Esteban Guerrieri y Nestor Girolami has the backing of Honda and Cyan racing that of Lynk & Co.

For all the above, the TCR South America appears as an interesting variant. But it will take a while to see if it is also successful as in the rest of the world.


Diego durruty

Journalist with 30 years of experience. Worked in magazines STROKE, The graphic, Coequipier y Only TC, on the Internet sites SportsYa!, y and on the radios Rock pop y He covered the Dakar rally for the German agency dpa. He currently drives Two Daring Guys, a car magazine that is broadcast on Tuesdays from 18 to 19 by; is editor of motorsport in Red Bull Argentina, columnist on the show WorldSport (AM Splendid) and in Surf & Rock FM.  He is also a teacher in SPORTS. Now you can read it on his blog:

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