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Tomás Cingolani: "I am enjoying this stage of learning in the Super TC2000"

The Renault Castrol Team driver took stock of his first races in the category.

With the runner-up of TC2000 under the arm, Thomas Cingolani debuted this year at the Super TC2000. The pilot of Nueve de Julio reached the category of turbo engines from the hand of the Renault Castrol Team, where he shares a poster with more experienced men, such as Leonel Pernía, who leads the tournament; Damien Fineschi y Matías Milla.

Cingolani has already played three competitions and only in the last one, in Alta Gracia, he added his first point (he is 17th in the contest). On the eve of the fourth presentation, which will be held this weekend in San Nicolás (Buenos Aires), a balance of what has been learned so far was allowed.

Thomas Cingolani -What do you rescue from these first dates of the year in STC2000?
-After three consecutive dates I am happy. Mainly, for being within the category. I think I was given a great opportunity under the same platform that I had been running on the TC2000. Now I have the opportunity to be part of the Renault Castrol Team with great colleagues and with the professional structure in which we work ... Without a doubt, it is a great step in my career. If I look at the development of the championship so far, I think that race after race we have progressed a lot and today we are much closer to the logical times, especially looking at the records of my teammates who are my first reference. It is a period of a lot of learning, which I am enjoying a lot and trying to absorb as much as possible.

-When you enter the pits, the first reference you look for in the times is inside or outside the team?
-After training or qualifying, of course I am aware of the results of my teammates. They are always the first reference I have; I am interested in knowing how I am turning and the relationship between my results and those of Leo, Damián and Matías. But I am also aware of the results of the tip, which are always the parameters to look at. Always with the idea of ​​being in constant preparation and in the search to improve in each outing on the track.

Thomas Cingolani -If you had to choose two or three characteristics that make the Fluence that you drove until last year and this one different from the STC2000, which ones would you highlight?
-The first point is the power jump, which is reflected -especially-, at the moment of acceleration: you have to be very precise not to make the car skid. Then, another important thing is the stopped start, a super important issue because it defines a large part of the race. And finally, I think that unlike the car I drove last year, this STC2000 Renault has a tendency to go a bit more tail… and it shows quite a bit. As everything is a matter of adapting and improving the trend to get the best out of it according to the handling of each one. It's a major change to go from a TC2000 to a Super TC2000.

-In which category are there more frictions, TC2000 or Super TC2000?
-The school is the TC2000 where nobody forgives you anything and determines a bit the way of running that we acquire during our preparation, then by logic, that is reflected later in the Super TC2000. I think that it is “scraped” in both categories equally: you have to know how to defend yourself and also know how to attack in that way, it is part of learning. Always under the law, under what the regulations allow, but it is really very competitive and there are always several cars with almost no differences.

Thomas Cingolani-What can you say about the competition this weekend in San Nicolás?
-I had the chance to race in San Nicolás, I think it is a track that gives many opportunities to pass and that is why I expect a very frictionless race. Taking into account that it is a short circuit and very fast it will be an interesting challenge. In San Nicolás the key places are turn one -because you have to prioritize a firm entrance- and then take advantage of a good traffic speed to be able to do a partial two quickly. Turn three is also important, because there is intense braking and it bends almost 90º: it is a critical point because it is a place of many overshoots and there are different radii to do it.

-Where is the biggest set-up work going to be this weekend?
-I am gradually understanding more and more the reactions and limits of a Super TC2000 car, in this case we still have to improve in the fast sectors. Above all, having a slightly more stable rear axle and of course achieving front-wheel drive. We are working to strike a good balance this weekend.


During the last presentation of the Super TC2000 in Buenos Aires, Renault presented the team members with a Renault Alaskan to make it your everyday vehicle. "I was able to travel a lot on the road and I found a very pleasant truck to drive, with a ride that gives you a clear sense of security, with good comfort equipment", Cingolani explained about the Rombo pick-up. “In my case, it also gives me that bonus of getting into the dunes or difficult terrain and checking that it traction very well. I am going to do many kilometers and that is another reason why I am grateful to be part of the Renault Castrol Team (laughs) ”, concluded.




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