Toto Wolff in depth: His future at Mercedes, his relationship with Lewis Hamilton and the chance he had to replace Chase Carey

The head of the Mercedes team spoke about various topics in an interview with Sky Sports.

The head of Mercedes, Toto wolff, it is clear that the German team "It will continue to perform" although both he and Lewis Hamilton, "The best pilot", leave, and also referred to the possibility of having been the relay of Chase carey as CEO of the F1, something that Ferrari veto.

“If one of us (him or Hamilton) terminates it for whatever reason, the team is going to continue to perform. We would miss the best driver, clearly, but if one of us, including me, decides to leave, the team is going to perform the same, not an inch less. And I think we recognize it, even though we want to be together ”, indicated Wolff in an interview with Sky Sports.

The Austrian confessed that Mercedes has "something special" with the current world champion because they have "A very strong bond that has grown over the years". And I add: "We had difficult moments, without sharing opinions, but somehow we have been able to overcome them and grow stronger together."

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff“We have both realized that when the time comes, we trust each other and that is very special. At the end of the day, I love working with him and I think Lewis likes working with me and I think that together, plus the other team members, we can achieve a lot. " sentenced about it.

Wolff considers "amazing" that the English can match the 91 victories of the German Michael Schumacher, which, except for surprise, will also reach in world titles (7) this season. "We don't think about that much and I think Lewis also puts it a bit aside because he would never have dreamed of achieving 91 victories or having a career similar to Michael's." Wolff warned.

“Really, for a driver it must be very emotional if you make it. I think that's why he doesn't have a lot of headroom right now, but if he can do it, it will be overwhelming to be on the same level as the greatest driver of all time. ", Anadio.

Toto wolff
Toto Wolff, Mercedes team-manager. Photo: Steve Etherington.

On the other hand, on the possibility of having been the new CEO of Formula 1 to replace Chase carey, acknowledged that it was found "In a difficult position" because Liberty Media made him "think about it", but that he realized that he is more passionate about racing and, in addition, there was the opposition from Ferrari.

“Ferrari made a clear commitment and said no, they would veto it. That is why at a very early stage these discussions had to stop. And somehow, they (Ferrari) have the right to occupy this position ”, clarified after the choice of Stefano Domenicali, former boss of the Prancing Horse.

In any case, he does not hide that his position in Mercedes, where he is also a shareholder, could change. "What I always said is that you must realize where the point from very good to good comes from, because then you cannot contribute more to the development of an organization"he admitted.

“I don't feel like this moment has passed yet, but in our team we look forward. We look at veteran leaders and the potential of young people who are emerging. We do not want to create a bottleneck for talent to flourish and that is why we are already analyzing each position well in advance. I'm looking to the future, but as long as the fun lasts, I'll stick around. " settled.



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