Toyota to Road Tourism: Who wins and who loses?

The arrival of the Japanese brand as the fifth brand in the popular category caused a shock in Argentine motorsports.

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The arrival of Toyota al Road Tourism from 2022 changes the paradigm of Argentine motorsport, which seemed to have some coherence until the decision of the Road Tourism Corridors Association to accept the order of the Japanese brand to be able to run with a Camry.

With the return of a terminal to the world of TC, something that had not happened since the late 1970s -beyond the presence of Renault sponsoring a squad-, a new story opens with an uncertain ending.

Road TourismUntil October 12, 2021, a day before the surprise decision was announced, the main categories of autochthonous motorsport were very well differentiated. Let's see…

ROAD TOURISM: he was leaning on his history and tradition with only four brands vying for glory: Chevrolet, Ford, Torino y Dodge;

SUPER TC2000: captured the interest from factories to reinforce their brand image with current models on the market, although with certain modifications such as suspension and engine the same for all.

NATIONAL TOURISM: hugs in the pure motorsport, in which a car is prepared to compete by providing it with special parts for the suspension, brakes and engine, among others, but always maintaining the DNA of each vehicle.

TOP RACE: It was based on prototypes born to run equipped with high-power engines.

Matias RossiThe use of the time spent in the analysis is not capricious since from October 13, 2021 it is exposed that anything can happen. What would prevent another brand from losing the ACTC that allows it to run in Road Tourism?

This is something that shouldn't affect the Top Race and TN too much, but it does. It could have a direct impact on the Super TC2000, which supports its business model in the presence of the terminals.

What would happen if Chevrolet, for example, also asked the ACTC to authorize the participation of the Chevrolet Camaro? When evaluating investments, those responsible for General Motors It would be easy for them to determine where they would get a higher return ...

Even this new course that the ACTC decided to take could produce the return of Ford, who after his departure from the TC at the end of '70 ended up with his official team in the TC2000 and maintained its presence there until a decade ago (with the now renowned Super TC2000 specialty).

Mustang Mach 1For the Oval, the Carretera Tourism races would be an excellent platform to promote the Mustang, a model that sells dropwise in the country, but that is synonymous with the power that the company wants to transmit.

For now they are all assumptions, but they could stop being so if Toyota's landing is successful and not only in the results section. Undoubtedly, the next few months will be momentous for the popular category, which relives a great simbronazo like the one that occurred when the Chevitú in the mid-'60 to give the cupecitas headaches.

All the changes are resisted and more those to which, with another management, the ACTC lowered its thumb. The bet of Hugo mazacane, president of teceista, is very strong. Under his mandate, the TC could enter into that transformation that many have asked of the entity, but that it never dared to carry out beyond the failed attempt of the TC Turbo in the mid '90s. A transformation that purists hate, who forget that today they encourage tubular structures with bodies that resemble vehicles of the past ...

With this measure, the ACTC made it clear that the modernization of the TC, in some way, is possible. And the entity will be responsible for ensuring that this step leaves everyone satisfied, even the most die-hard fans.

Mazzacane has the great chance to go down in history as the president of the ACTC who changed the course of the most important category in Argentina and not be left alone as the one who succeeded Oscar Aventin and who greeted the pilots before the final. It will surely be something that you will try to take advantage of, despite the costs you may have to pay.

The time, in short and as always, will have the last word.

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