The 10 necessary procedures to sell a used car in Argentina

A quick guide so that you know what documents you need to make the sale of a vehicle.

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We know what to think of everyone the documents you need to sell your car it can be tedious. For this reason, we quickly detail the documentation necessary to sell a vehicle in Argentina.


The registration of the vehicle's domain in the National Registry of Automotive Property it is mandatory. Through this procedure, each vehicle is assigned a unique document that is usually issued by the respective Registry and is called Automotive Title. For those who have the digital title, they must present the proof of title assignment (CAT) at the time of collecting the documentation for the sale of your car, it is a record that is requested without any exception, especially for cars older than 2018.


This card details the most important data of the car and of the person entitled or authorized as its owner. On the front of the card or green card you will find the data of the holder such as, for example: address, town where the car is registered, the sectional number, the registration date and, finally, the stamp with the signature of the Registrar. The back of the card also contains the data of the owner and the DNI along with other data of the car, such as: the brand, the model, the chassis number and the engine.


This is the (current) national document to identify ourselves as people who were born or live in Argentina.


It is a document issued by the National Directorate of National Registries of Motor Vehicle Ownership (DNRPA) containing important automotive information. It details the legal situation of the car (pledge, theft, theft, embargo, inhibitions, etc.) according to the data of the Sectional Register where the car is based.


This report makes it possible to know if a vehicle has fines for infractions and to know the amount. It is ordered and paid electronically and received by email within 24 hours. For cars that are in CABA, they must access the website of the Government of Buenos Aires City. For vehicles that are in the Province of Buenos Aires, they must access the website of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Auto parts engraving6. ENGRAVING AUTOPARTS

The car parts engraving is the "indelible" identification of the domain of the car on its doors, trunk and bonnet. The auto parts engraving process, officially called Auto Parts Verification Registry (RVA), It is carried out in workshops where the four doors of the car, the hood and the trunk of the interior side are recorded. They place an identification wafer on the windshield and the owner of the car receives a form GC01, which serves as proof of the process. The whole process takes between 15 and 20 minutes. For CABA you must do the engraving of parts in Auto Parts Engraving (GCBA). For Province you must do the procedure in the Provincial Registry of Verification of Auto Parts (RPVA). It is important to have the certificate issued when you decide to sell your car.


It is a document that certifies that you do not have traffic fines for which you must pay. It is important that you know the Province or Municipality of filing the car and check the status of the debt in the body that corresponds to the place of filing of the vehicle. You can consult in: The Government Administration of Public Revenue (AGIP). There you will check the status of patents - consultation of tickets, balances and debt. Also in the Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA). In the event that the unit is prior to 2010, it must present a free municipal debt (obtained only by the owner in the municipality where the unit is located).


It's a mandatory procedure that is carried out to carry out any Car Buy / Sell operation. It is verified in each vehicle that the number of engine, chassis and type of vehicle correspond to what is specified in the documentation of that vehicle. If the car is located in CABA you must enter the Automotive Police Verification. Now, if your vehicle is located in the Province, you can enter Automotive Police Verification (VPA).


La Vehicle Technical Verification It is the periodic control of the mechanical state and of the emission of polluting gases of the motor vehicles. It is a necessary document for the circulation of the car on public roads and for the sale of the car and must be carried out annually. For CABA, request a shift by entering Capital Vehicle Technical Verification. For Province, you must enter Province Vehicle Technical Verification. It is essential to have the VTV certificate issued to process the sale of a car.


To sell the car you need to have the following regarding the equipment GNC: Complete equipment transfer form, technical sheet form and identification card of the GNC equipment.

According to regulations of the National Gas Regulatory Body (Enargas) GE 1-144, “It is the owner's responsibility to go to a specialized workshop once a year to renew the wafer. In order for this to be granted, it is checked whether the installed equipment is approved by the regulatory body and the state of the installations and the cylinder subjection is verified ". If your car has CNG you must have the qualification wafer in force.

Finally, it is important that if your vehicle has tax exemption, you cancel it on the website of ARBA in order to process the sale, in the part of Cessation of the Exemption.

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