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Why does Flaco Traverso have photos of his big accidents in the bathroom of his house?

Both occurred in 1998, the first in a TC race in Mar de Ajó and the other in Olavarría in a TC2000 competition.

Juan Maria Traverso it has a well-earned place in the history of Argentine motorsports. The skinny got tired of winning races and championships in the main categories of our country. He was seven times monarch of the TC2000, another six from Road Tourism and also won three crowns in the Top Race. According to statistics, he succeeded in 155 competitions (In addition to the three mentioned, he celebrated at the Argentine Pilots Club, the National Rally, Italian Tourism and the Challenge of the Brave).

Juan Maria Traverso

But his legend is not only based on those successes, but also on certain feats like when won the Tourism Competition in General roca With the Fire coupe on fire in 1988. Even for escaping unscathed from two spectacular accidents in 1998...

The first took place in Sea of ​​Ajo, the 8 February within the framework of the first date of the TC tournament. It happened on lap 22 of the Final, when he was coming back in full swing after entering the pits to change a tire. Shortly after facing the 23rd turn, Traverso slipped past the last corner and went straight into the wall.

The impact was such that the backside of the purple Falcon was "erased". Fortunately, Traverso and Julio Catalan Magni, his companion, did not suffer a scratch. Not a minor fact: that incident was in his first race back to Ford, after his successful time with Chevrolet ...

A few months later, the one from Ramallo returned to star in another episode that left more than one speechless. Was the May 31 during the second race of the weekend of the TC2000 at the Olavarría racetrack.

Juan Maria Traverso

After being touched by Walter Hernandez, Luciano Crespi he crossed over while Traverso, on the other side, tried to overtake the Pole. With Hernández following his line, Crespi could not avoid ramming the Flaco, whose car flew through the air and fell destroyed far from the limits of the track.

“I don't remember how many laps I did, but it was a lot. I was somewhat shocked by the blow because it was very strong. I think Walter was wrong… He is doing dangerous maneuvers like this; sometimes they go well, but in others, what happened happens ”, said the multiple champion at the time.

How these incidents will have marked the life of Juan María Traverso that he has very present in his house in Ramallo and in a unique place: the main bathroom. The reason? "They are the two biggest shits I had and, obviously, they had to be here." A real Skinny.


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