What happened to the nut that left Valtteri Bottas out of the Monaco GP?

The Mercedes team already has a clue of the reason that prevented the change of tires and forced the abandonment of the Finn.

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One of the great unknowns left by the Monaco Grand Prix de F1 He still has no answer and that has already happened several days: In the team Mercedes they still don't know why they couldn't get the right front wheel of the Finn's car Valtteri Bottas when he entered the pits to change tires. Although at least they have a clue of what happened with the pneumatic gun that was used.

Valtteri BottasJames wowles, head of the team's strategy, explained on the team's social networks what happened, what they know so far and how they hope to know the truth. “The pneumatic gun is incredibly powerful, around 2 CV of power. So you can see how the mechanics hold on well to the ground, otherwise they would rotate with it at the same time. It is an impact force. What happens is that the nut normally loosens in four or five impacts. It is a hammering action ", Dijo.

“What happened is that the nut was attacked slightly at an angle. As a result of that, instead of distributing the load through the entire nut, it went through a small section and that ripped through the metal and in fact all the metal was filed away. So the nut was still in place and we couldn't remove it. That is a brief summary of what happened. Clearly, it is a circumstance that cost Valtteri and the team dearly, and we are going to take measures so that it does not happen again ", said the engineer about the reason for the abandonment of the Nordic, who was fighting for a place on the podium.

Valtteri BottasAfter the failed pit stop, Mercedes tried to remove the wheel again, but it was impossible. “We did certain operations in Monaco to try to get it out, some during the pit stop, but also afterwards. In the end we came to the conclusion that to remove that nut we were going to need heavy machinery and specialized equipment, and that this would be better done in the factory "Wowles added.

The opportunity to resolve what happened at the headquarters of the team will allow the engineers "Do an autopsy to really understand how that nut was spent and collect some clues that will allow us to do a better job in the future," as the technician said.

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