Toyota lands on Road Tourism!

The ACTC accepted the order of the Japanese brand, which will be added with a Camry.

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La Road Tourism Corridors Association has taken an important step in the history of the popular Road Tourism, the most important category in Argentina. Is that after several decades the entity decided to include a fifth brand in its park, which will be added to the four already existing: Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge y Torino.

The honor will be held by nothing less than Toyota, with a strong presence in autochthonous motorsport through its participation in other disciplines such as Super TC2000 and Top Race.

Road TourismThe Japanese company made a formal request to the teceísta entity to evaluate its request, something that finally prospered. This has not been surprising due to the relationship that already exists between the brand and the institution through the TC Pick-Up where also an official team that runs with the Hilux.

The landing of Toyota will already be in 2022 with a silhouette of the model Camry that would have the mechanics Cherokee. The next step is to put a car on the track with the body of the aforementioned model and work on its performance.

The arrival of Toyota supposes the intention of the ACTC to renew the park, something that has always been filed in a drawer due to the resistance of the fans, who prefer to continue racing with cars that resemble the Ford Falcon chevy coupe, Torino and Dodge polara.

Although in its origins several brands participated, these four transcended as the most representative and those that have accumulated all the victories. Although there is a fifth that also celebrated: Volvo, With the help of Carlos Pairetti in Villa Carlos Paz in 1965.

What do you think of the landing of Toyota in the TC? We read you in the comments.

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  1. It really is a shame how the TC was commercialized, they are sold for a towel. Topyota will participate with an infinitely more modern car. with more modern lines. (although the current mTC no longer has any of the old cars), I think it is incompatible. Instead of doing this they would have made one with camaros, mustang, charger, and some other, but this is not ridiculous.

  2. What will happen when Toyoya presents an official team with a factory budget against the TC structures and they put six cars racing for the number 1 driver? How are you going to get the means to fight as equals against Toyoya, who is also going to manufacture ALL the competition cars for all categories in Argentina? The problem is not a new brand, it is a team from one of the most powerful factories in the world against JP, Martínez competition, Coiro Dole, Canapino. Etc.

  3. This was seen coming, Toyota has been threatening with this for a long time. The strange thing is that the ACTC has accepted, it is obvious that there is a great deal behind this.
    I thought that Toyota could get to participate, in a bizarre idea with a body type Cressida or Crown, which entered in the years 78/81 and in some version had a 2.8 liter engine. and 6 cylinders. Those models were the most logical to adapt to the TC regulations. The truth is I do not know how they are going to modify the regulations to find the return to participate with a body 50 years more modern than those of the other brands.

  4. They made my life bitter ... the tc is passion that has been passed from generation to generation ... the only thing we share with my old man to enjoy a race. It was the excuse to eat a barbecue and more than one load did not happen It was an obvious party that the cars are improving with the future .. but including Toyota. It has nothing to do with that is shitting in the history of the tc .. to be sold for obvious sponsor silver without so many plats they want to put a separate category .. but do not stain the tc mazacane you are going to be the worst president in history and a lot of people do not want you .. I ask that we boo him in every race. .ke have to resign or is it mad, do not go any more and have it cast as useless to have shitted the tc

  5. For some time now, when traverso shot some of this, I imagined it, business on the doorstep I thought, for mazzacane, berta, traverso (for supporting this clowning) it is noted that some of them do not reach La Plata making presentations and talks and looking for $$ but If the same engines began to kill the TC, with this they liquidated him, and then these three garcas that name plus some of the same illicit association, they say that they will lower the costs, it is not possible to believe, they are the robbery, we are going to have hundreds of categories and most will run the same cars, mazzacane are you not ashamed to be like that? Poor motoring, driven by thieves and if they leave, the partners enter

  6. I don't know how angry they get if TC cars are not original at all and with those fiber tubes they are horrible. The changes are necessary at some point .. it is true that Toyota has nothing in common with the traditional TC brands .. but perhaps it is the door to a generational change and to modernize the category .. I do not know if it is the best. In my personal tastes they would have to make a new Nascar-style category with v8 and new cars and the TC remained as the TC track or second category so as not to lose the public that has followed them for so many years.

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