Nasif Estéfano, an idol resistant to oblivion who has his tribute in the GPAH

Rosendo Godoy met the Tucuman when he was seven years old. He promised himself that one day he would honor his memory and he did so by building a replica of El Califa's car. Today he leads it in the Argentine Historical Grand Prix.

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There are moments that change people forever. And that happened to Rosendo Godoy, a man from Pergamino. When he was seven he met in person Nasif Stephano, one of the great Argentine motorsport drivers. He was so impressed by the personality of the Tucuman that he promised that one day he would honor the memory of that pilot he met shortly before he tragically died in a Highway Tourism race.

“I met Nasi when he came to run to Parchment. I saw it at the dealership where the cars were prepared. My family invited him to have a barbecue the other day of the race, but no one imagined that he was going to show up. When we saw it, we couldn't believe it. He came with the race car and invited me to get on. It was something that marked me forever "Godoy tells Automundo in the middle of the 18th edition of Historical Argentine Grand Prize organized by the Automobile Club Argentino.

Nasif Estefano
Nasif Estéfano, TC post-morten champion in 1973.

It is that Godoy participates with a Ford Falcon that recreates the one that Estéfano was driving, who lost his life on October 21, 1973 during the second stage of the Grand Prix of National Reconstruction. Because of those things of fate, El Califa won the title and has the sad privilege of being the only post-morten champion of the TC.

“It seemed to me that making this replica of his car was the best way to recognize him”, explains Rosendo, who took years to finish the car. "I started it in 1999 and finished it in 2005. It was very difficult to get the pieces, you had to investigate, go from here to there ... Now with Mercado Libre everything is easier", admits

Rosendo Godoy Nasif
Photo: Miguel Tillous.

For the Falcon '72 to remain as it is, Godoy consulted more than once to Jose Miguel Hercerg, who was responsible for the Ford team and who provided plans and irons for the engine. Jose Pacioni, who was the companion of the Tucuman, made the cams; while an employee of Palagi made him the differential. 

Godoy spared no expenses and no efforts so that the tribute to Estéfano is at the height of his idol. He did his job so well that the museum that honors Nasif (it is in Concepción de Tucumán) has a replica that he also built with the same affection as the first one. And all because that man with a huge smile and as fast as the wind appeared to eat the barbecue to which he had been invited ...


The day began in the circuit of Potrero de Los Funes and ended in the city of saint Louis. With a mountainous tour of 309 kilometers the competitors went through Río Grande, La Carolina, San Francisco del Monte del Oro, where the neutralization was carried out, Villa General Roca, San Gerónimo, and Balde. The tip of the race now has Moses Osman, who leads the advance of Peugeot 404 that complete Miguel Gomez Fernandez y Carlos Lareu.  The GPAH will continue on Wednesday with the third and penultimate stage, starting and finishing at the Potrero de los Funes circuit.


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