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Uber: Everything you need to know


In less than five years, the private drivers app Uber revolutionized the passenger transport market. It is already officially in the country, something that caused discomfort in taxi drivers (as it happened in other parts of the world). But what is Uber? Here everything you have to know.

CONCEPT You only need your own car, license and the corresponding insurance to register as an Uber driver. Technically anyone can be. And anyone with a smartphone can download the app and become a passenger by paying through it.

RATES The cost of taking an Uber is based on the duration of the trip and the distance traveled (per minute and per kilometer). The demand is also taken into account, under the premise that there are always vehicles available. Therefore, if there is a lot of demand or little supply, the rate is increased according to an equation shown before reserving the vehicle and that the client must accept and confirm before being able to reserve and enter the order.

These components vary by location, based on factors that affect local driving costs, such as the price of fuel, license, and financial obligations for each city. In addition, there are countries with special regulations that affect prices.

If they managed to bring together all Uber drivers in the world, 26 Maracanã stadiums could be filled, they say from the company.

CITIES The app was launched in May 2010 in San Francisco. In three years it had expanded to 67 cities in 24 countries, but the big leap came in 2014 when Uber reached 230 cities in 50 countries. Uber debuted in Latin America in 2013, in Mexico City. In July 2015 this was also the first city to formally regulate the use of Uber. Today it is present in 21 cities in 9 countries in the region: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

TRAVEL In the first 10 months of 2015, 30,4 million trips were made throughout Latin America. To date, some 256.000 trips are made per day. Half of them in Mexico.

INCOME According to statistics released by the company in January, an Uber driver in the US earns an average of US $ 19.04 per hour (after discounting Uber's commission). The percentage that Uber stays with varies between 5% and 20%, although in London they announced a 25% increase for new drivers, which sparked a series of protests.

CONDUCTORS In Mexico, for example, the application has 33.000 driving partners. About 40% of them were unemployed before starting to use it. In London, 29% of drivers live in constituencies with unemployment rates above 10%. In Paris, one in 10 drivers went through a long period of unemployment before starting to use Uber.



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