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A Lamborghini Miura SVR comes back to life

The Miura SVR is an evolution of the legendary Jota's race car developed by Lamborghini test driver Bob Wallace.

Polo Storico, whose objective is to keep alive the heritage of Lamborghini, completed the restoration of one of the most famous Miuras ever built, the Miura svr.

As documented, only 763 Lamborghini Miura they were produced between 1966 and 1972 at the company's plant in Bologna, Italy. However, the number of Miuras built outside the Sant'Agata factory It is much larger as numerous automakers have created scale versions of what is one of the most iconic vehicles in automotive history.

Among them was the Japanese Kyosho, who produced 1:18 models of both the Lamborghini Miura SV and the Miura SVR. The Kyosho SVR, in particular, has achieved legendary status among collectors as it represents one of the most amazing Lamborghini ever built.

A Lamborghini Miura SVR comes back to life

The Miura SVR an evolution of the racing car from the legendary jack developed by the Lamborghini test driver, Bob wallace.

After Wallace's Jota was lost in an accident, relentless demand from customers in the years that followed led to Automobili Lamborghini to build some models Miura SVJ and, remarkably, a single Miura SVR.

The latter was eventually sold in Japan, where it served as a "model" for both the vehicle used in the comic, as well as the toy version of Kyosho. The car is chassis number Miura SVR 3781, which has been restored to its former glory by the specialists at Polo Storico, and displayed during an event organized in its honor at the Nakayama Circuit in Japan.

The Miura with chassis number 3781, engine number 2511, and body number 383 was born as an S version painted with the Green Miura branding with black interior. It was originally delivered to the Lamborauto dealership in Turin, Italy, on November 30, 1968, after being exhibited at the XNUMXth Turin Motor Show.

After changing hands eight times in Italy, the vehicle was bought in 1974 by the German Heinz straber, who took it back to Sant'Agata to transform it into SVR, a job that required 18 months of work. In 1976, the car was sold to Hiromitsu Ito and headed to Japan, where he caused a sensation, including the inspiration for a manga series called "Circuit Wolf".

The legend of the vehicle was further established when it was chosen by Kyosho as the basis for his famously renowned model, the lines and colors of which made this SVR an indelible part of the toy car tradition.

“The full restoration took 19 months and required a different approach than how we normally work. The original production sheet was not of much help, as we relied mostly on the specifications of the 1974 modifications ″Said Paolo gabrielli, Head of Lamborghini After Sales and Director of the Polo Storico

"The challenge for the Polo Storico team was even more daunting, as the car arrived at Sant'Agata in pieces, although all the pieces were there, and with considerable modifications", Agregó.

The only variations on the original specifications were the addition of four-point seat belts, more support seats, and a removable roll bar. These were requested by the customer and are intended to improve safety during auto racetrack shows.


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