A Lexus to navigate

Two teams from the Lexus Design Center were commissioned to develop an open sports yacht for daily recreational excursions for a group of six to eight, with advanced Lexus handling and styling, powered by the high-performance twin V8 engine. of the company.

In the summer of 2015, the concepts of each of the design teams were evaluated by Senior Director Tokuo Fukuichi, Global Design Director and President of Lexus International Co., Senior Director Shigeki Tomoyama, in charge of the Maritime Department of the company, and the President, Mr. Toyoda. Each concept featured a distinctive shape and sleek lines that provide balance, agility and speed.

The selected proposal continued to be refined throughout 2015, as the Maritime Department designed the construction and on-board systems. As a concept, the Lexus Sports Yatch unveiled in Miami is a unique tailor-made project, with no intention of serial production.

The Lexus sports yacht concept design has the upper deck and outer hull perfectly united around the internal structure. Each of the large pieces is handcrafted from a two-part composite of polyurethane epoxy resin reinforced with hand-woven carbon fiber cloth; This composite material is called carbon fiber reinforced plastic, or CFRP. CFRP is the technology used in the structure of racing cars and supercars, such as the Lexus LFA, high-performance military and civil aircraft, racing skis and bikes, and world-class racing sailboats.

The exclusive CFRP construction of the Lexus Sports Yatchs concept saves nearly 1800 kg, compared to a similar yacht in fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). The underwater hull design is stepped to reduce drag or drag, and improve balance when riding at high speeds.

This concept is powered by a dual 8-liter V5,0 petrol engine based on the high-performance 2UR-GSE engine in the Lexus RC F coupe, the GS F sports sedan and the new LC 500 grand tourer. Each engine produces over 350 kW / 477 hp, propelling the yacht at speeds of up to 80 km / h (43 knots) via a pair of hydraulically controlled outboards. For docking, it has a bow thruster.

The captain controls and monitors the on-board systems from a color touch panel located at the helm; it also has GPS navigation screens, digital graphics, surface radar, sonar, lighting, and multimedia systems. The captain's seat is adjustable; the armrests fold down to become booster seats on either side for very special guests.

The front passenger cabin is very cozy and is decorated in Premium Lexus leather with wood and glass accents. Full headroom, six-person sofa, movable table, and air conditioning create a comfortable environment for intimate entertaining.

It has an integrated multimedia audio and video system designed by Videoworks, from Italy, fully networked, with 4G, Wi-Fi and WAN. Sound reproduction is performed by Revolution Acoustics surface-mounted drivers, hidden behind the ceiling panel and powered by a Mark Levinson Reference digital amplifier.



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